Charly Linch

No man I absolutely dont blame you, I was just afraid it got lost at the post office or something.
Since you posted it a week ago. ;)

Wow the picture left of the topic says this is a hot topic :P

Well it should be! :D
A first cd should go by without being noticed.

I’ve got m!
…and its gooooooooooooood :o :w00t: :panic: :wacko: :yeah: :drummer: :guitar:


the money is on its way

Hey Charly, that last song, that sample, didnt bong-ra use that too in one of his songs?
‘ik zie ik zie wat jij niet ziet en het is groen’ etc

I hope not :S

And if so… I was earlier!!! :P

did you here it live? maybe he used my song ? Live he never plays songs of him self :S



Hells yes. That CD case rawckz… I’ve never seen those before :P And it sounds even better than it looks! :D

Thanx :)

It’s a funny idea that my cd is now somewhere in Canada :D

Damn, this is great.

Thanx I sended it your way!

All right!! I just got my copy! awesome!

I want to take a nice picture of it… but my friend borrowed me my camera for the rest of the week :(

I will do so later…

Take the webcam

Like I said… I took a picture of my copy. Why it took so long? I’m lazy, and over that, I’m busy.

Anyway, I know the effect I added is cheesy, but I think it draws the attention on the album, and that’s what I wanted.

oh and it’s not only about the cd… the music on it is great too. hehe

Wow that is a really cool picture !! :yeah:


charly linch, do you ship your cds to the states?


Just You can pay with paypall on my myspace and leave your adress with the payment.

It’s just 5 euro’s to cover the costs and I’ll send you a copy :D

alrighty then. I’ll be checking my mailbox every 10 minutes.