Charly Linch

Damn this album is so awesome, thanks very much! If you set up some kind of a internet bank account sometime let me know and I’ll see if I can pay you back sometime.

Really inspiring stuff.

now that you mention it…

I got my paypall button on my site since a few weeks :P

Finally have the CD in my possession, although I have no pictures to
prove it. But this is top notch material captain, it’s accompanying me on
my iPodB wherever I go now. Intense and atmospheric without
drowning everything in wet distortion to compensate any lack of talent ;)

On the contrary: this is not “just another breakcore thing”. This is good
and well-thought out music that’s not meant for the weak of heart.


I just added your album to and used this thread as a source.
Hop you dont mind but I have to have my complete cd/vinyl collection online!! gasp

That’s fine!!
Just spread my music!!! :yeah:

Do you accept PayPal? I like your sounds ALOT!

Yez, I doo

There’s a paypall button on my myspace
And you can leave your adress behind by the paypall comments. ;)

glad you like it!

Sweet. I’ll most likely set aside €5 when I got 'em.

Can I has one? :) 5 EUR covers all the costs or…?

offcourse you can has one!
(5 Euro doesn’t cover everything but it covers the post office costs)

PM your adress and I’ll send you one.
Have you got a paypal account?

Thanx for playing my track in remixta btw!

Done and accepted! :D