Chill / Lofi song - Dawn

Hey folks,

Here’s a song I’ve made a few days ago. I’d love to know if you identify improvements, notably in its mixing/mastering, something I’m not good at.

FYI, I’m using a lot of VSTs (notably Native Instruments, Isotope, Serum) and a few samples from Loopmasters.


I don’t see any flaws that can keep me from listening. It has it’s own sound. Overall - great track.


This is nice.
A vocal may improve this greatly.
As for mixing, might move the piano a bit further back on the stage.

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First of all, great song! I really dig the atmosphere you’ve created here. I love the chords and the interaction with the pianos and bass. Well done. You can make it even better by improving the mix.

  1. Decrease the attack of the bass from the very beginning to get rid of those annoying clicks
  2. Increase the volume of the bass
  3. Decrease the volume of the hat, which is way too loud
  4. Slightly decrease the volume of the main piano and the lead
  5. Slightly increase the volume of the soft piano (the one playing the high notes)
  6. Increase the volume of the background stuff just like the soft percussions and the synths
  7. The kick would benefit from a little more punch and volume
  8. Personally I would increase the crisp of the reverbed stick a little more, just push the high ends slightly

If you want to improve your mixing skills check the mixing thread. I’m glad @slujr started this thread, this way I can always just point to this thread if someone asks anything about mixing and mastering instead of repeating advices. What I can always say is to just mix in mono first, that’s the easiest way getting a good result.


This is gold. Many thanks for all those details :bowing_man: