*chiptune Compo*

Here i am, excercising my right to throw a competition.
I know this may clash with the Mutant Breaks Compo, sorry about that…but pull yourself together an get involved.
The idea is to write an 8 Bit Version of anything you want…be it I Will Always Love You by Crack Head Whitney, or Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 (please someone try that) to People=Shit by slipknot
Points go out for complexity in structure and harmony well covered…You may also add little licks, your own rhythms and even arrange it slightly different…(although holding the essence) :rolleyes:
XRNS files (so only native effects and samples) and MP3s must be posted up once finished…
And you can only post ONE…so choose wisely.

Winners get a copy of STARCRAFT original game sent to their home.
(If you already have it, sell it on ebay or something/give it as a birthday present…)
Runners up get nothing.

SEPT 1st ;)

Deadlines can also be useful in competitions ;)

Slightly off-topic - this compo reminded me of a link I visited recently:



That’s sickkkk

Ain’t it just? Especially the (extremely imaginative) ‘vocal’ parts :yeah:

“Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 (please someone try that)”

just get the .midi file here: http://www.kunstderfuge.com/rachmaninov.htm

and load it in Renoise, substitute the midi instruments with all the nes vsti or chiptune samples and you’re set ;)

Thats amazing, but kind of defeats the point dont it? :blink:
Also, no vsts allowed…soooo… :wacko:

does the chiptune/8-bit aspect of this mean that you’re limited to hand drawn, 8-bit samples? are you limited in any other ways? help a total n00b out … don’t want to get eaten by a grue for my first renoise compo

Your only limited to the overall sound…imagine you only have an 8bit sound card. Would the sounds your using sound like that coming out of it?
Use a square, saw or sine wave, and edit them how you like. REVERB ISNT ALLOWED…Although delay is.
Run drum samples through the lofi mat…
Good luck!

http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/wxxKG2BYwNY&hl=nl width=478 height=326

http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/V_4QouShzBM&hl=nl width=478 height=326

http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/AXm4gNeQArw&hl=nl width=478 height=326

Any limit about internal FX or number of channels?

Naw, you can use as many FX as necessary, as long as it retains a low bit rate sound.
As for the amount of channels, feel free to use as many as you like. Do an orchestral score if you will.

Sorry, not talented enough :(

Does it have to be a cover, or can we do originals too?

Only covers…sorry.

Shiiit, tomorrow! I wish I’d noticed this earlier, I’ve never done any chiptune stuff, I might as well try something even if I might not make it :D

I am not going to make it :(

Looking forward to some entrys!!

I have extended it to the 15th since noone entered and it’s informal anyway…send in some tunes!

Yo, kudos to you Moss for instigating this compo! I don’t know if anyone else is entering or not, but here’s my entry. I went and did a lo-fi glitched-out version of the Grange Hill theme. :blink:

Mp3: here.

Xrns: here.

For reference, you can hear the original tune here.


AAAHHH niceeeeeeeeee :wacko:

It sounds awesome Spodnik!!! :yeah: