Choosing An Artist Name

So how did you arrive at YOUR artist name?

I’m looking for new one which is not just the initials of my name, here is a selection me and my buddy brainstormed (may not be suitable for minors. :P) as you can tell this gets progressively less serious after about the first 4… :D and just so you know, its supposed to be for solo electronic music, not a death metal band (surprise surprise)

cryptical humour
post diluvia
driftwood sculptures
uca pugnax
sepia delay
fractal armour
phallus impudicus
the suppository
dj septaggle
dj right angle
dj left angler
serpenticial tendencies
the mollusc men
the transmigrationists
the bunk and mcnulty show
piss adder
sesame warship
bonsai utopia
clotted cream nightmare
pissing out of windows
carpet bombers
acid townes vans ants
smells like victory
napalm birth
ant synthesizer
the wingless lizards
animal addict
termite death
termite abuse
termite cryptogram
ant acid tablet
sebastian bach iii
funky nightshade
fungal protection
ring of shadows
pissing shadows
ring of piss
nightmare skill
dj rocket jump
ant piss
nightshade piss
quad damage
quad bike challenge
quad damage mdma
amphetamine deathmatch
mobius tusk
mobius turd
trotskyite rebellion
havana blast
atari oldage riot
bob’s trip
blade runner bean
insect dilemma
batman bathes
child rider
giares baltar
smallpox blanket
plague riders
the boo box
plague riders on the storm
smallpox on the storm
pissing in the teeth of the gale
the fck opeth project
sanctity threatened
la jambe
…and, overcome with emotion, he pissed in the cornflakes
pissing castles
rebel set
blap blap blap
magyar council
dorset as global fortress
dorset with glaciers
dorset in the fog
dorset prism
fog shoe
dorset tentacles
the dorset madonna
sister piss
sister snow sledge
frozen piss spikes
stabbed in the head in dorset
dorset burning
church of somewhat
the dorset almanac
cocaine blue suede shoes
bookstore cowboy
the conan statue of steel
conan the rastafarian
aids tiesto
buckland newton
3 mile lane
ck cern abbas
fcking in cern abbas
giant bl
ace of dicks
angel of meth
club dick
the notebook (2004)
mike’s patton
faith no more no more
faithless no more
point broken surfing scene
campus van beatsteak
three legged cross
sherbert abbey
electric pineapple
silverfish surprise
soldering iron maiden
rictus lozenge
peanut in little tokyo
apathetic hillside
youre hillside is showing
mike patton’s countryside index
deer park
frozen meadow
coldish afternoon
the grange
damp sock nosebleed
pissing in my sock
das boot
submarine landlock
the raft
kot v czapce
coven social scene
nun warrior
the land before tuesday
last of the red phoneboxes
headscarf apocalypse
i-lith nano
sock puppet overlord
diesel ultralith
JME’s trip
high powered mutant
battery powered mutant
mutant powered battery
AAAA battery
2nd nose
pissing in the hoover
trick point
tony hawks pro skater 2
my dying uncle
my dying ant
ant attacke
seasons of discomfort
under siege by ants
pissing on the ant hill
dorset ant cider
seasons in the abyssalopelagia
mutant under floor heating
enslaved by ants
crust dusters
secret chinney
the beard of the gods
google cults
weird beard
comus on icepinball as microcosm
pinball brewers
phantom elephantiasis
pinball in blood
jesus christ pinball wizard
a dorset odyssey
arcade at weymouth
rainy day at the beach
weymouth surprise
weymouth nuclear sunrise
hotel weymouth
yeo valley masscre
cheese on the hillside
cheese stands alone
a rolling cheese gathers no mice
like a rolling cheese
dead fish in the airvents
army of undead fish
evil fish
jam filled earth
earth, wind and smog

piss ant
child rider= succes guaranteed
I don’ t care much about artist’s names but yes it is kinda necessary , How I got mine , I use a lot of sequencer modules in the nord modular … all at a different rate …so I use the clockdivider modula a lot …to yep …slow down/divide certain sequencerclockrates…and since I ama verry gentle person …ahh …who gives a damn anyway …You know that wicked musician 'the gentle clockdivider ? O hh yeah that’s the guy who spends more time on forums then actually making music …Sigh :unsure:

definately do something with piss
child pisser ?

I don’t know how I ended up with my artist name.
I think Yoda would say something like: there is no
choice, there is only destiny. ;)

in my romantic opinion, an artist name should tell something about you. I’m italian, but do not feel much italian at all for a serie of reasons, that’s why I called myself It-Alien, the italian alien, which surely sucks as an artist name, but still fits to me.

if you have listed so many different artist names, it’s most likely that you are looking for an artist name which catches the eye instead of telling who you are, so I cannot really help you

not true actually, but the list was kind of a joke ;)

That’s quite a list man! There’s actually some fantastic ones in there, I’m sure you’ll pick the right one (Please not DJ rocket jump, that’s just lollable). :) It looks a lot my list of future songtitles, whenever I finish a song I just refer to the list and pick out a title that seems to fit the song.

As for my alias, it’s gone through some transition in the last 8 years or so. The concept started out as “i/o organic industrialism”. It fits my personality because I am inspired by the beauty of nature, but also by the beauty of industrial creations… Factories, abandoned structures. And the fusion of those together.

This picture that I took of an abandoned hydroelectric facility sums it up…

Eventually I dropped the “industrialism” from my name because I didn’t want people to think I do industrial music. Started going by “i/o”, which was great, except slashes don’t do very well in a computer oriented world, and “io” alone is too short for usernames and email addresses. So I switched to “DJ i/o”, which was fine, except the slash still posed a problem. I eventually decided I didn’t want to be associated with the negative connotations that the “DJ” label implies… (generic dance music). So actually recently I’ve settled on “organic io”, (no more slash), which fits the bill, and is unique enough that nobody else would choose it. And I’m sticking with it this time. :D

I just used the internet handle I’ve been using since 1995… which I was inspired to use from a science encyclopedia when I came upon an article about a particle accelerator. I figured “BYTE-Smasher” was a somewhat subtly humerus reference to the slang “atom smasher”… and as I was in my entire hacker-wannabe phase at the time, I started using it. I was using “Empty Pulsations” for my music at the time though… and wasn’t going to use my nick as my music alias until I decided one day “fuck it, my nick fits my music better than any other name I could think up”

Either way… choosing a name that is representative of what you’re trying to achieve with your music is probably best. If you want your music to sound like robots, make a name out of robot cliches…etc.

Unfortunately for you, a major video game developer stole your name :(

My nick occasionally gets stolen… I’ve seen it used in a quake (or some other FPS) tourney… and someone also stoled it on slashdot… but hasn’t posted a single thing there.

You mean you didn’t know???

You haven’t heard of Far cry?

Yeah… They also have a game called “Crysis”. Noticing a trend here? It’s too bad, but since you’re in different markets I guess there are no worries :)

I came across my nick after going to a Bonnie Prince Billy gig in Tokyo. Some obnoxious eejit in the audience kept screaming out for the same song at what was a fairly quiet and intimate gig. After about 45 minutes of abuse, Will Oldham just addressed this guy straight: “What are you, my sidekick?”

I also like the humble connotations built in to sidekick. I’m happy to be a Tonto or a Pancho.

Now some stupid fucking telecommunications device is called the sidekick, plus I am paranoid people will think I chose it because of the plugin.

(incidentally I am part of a two piece called “finkophile” - that’s another story)

band name maker

website appears to be a spamhole

ah - you changed it, thanks.

just make a bunch of music, and release it under a bunch of different names.
who says you can’t have 100 different names? the man That’s Who!

i think of names all the time.
i don’t use 99% of them. cuz, well i’m only one person.

so i stick with rotating several of them until i drop a few.

the thing about names, in electronic music is this:

when someone hears good about you, they go an find everything you have done, right? yes. so to keep the world on their toes. you change shit up every now an then. keeps people off your coat tails. allowing mystery. and everyone loves a mystery…

Ehhh…did this thing just come up with Crusty Gliss And The Fancy Lake? ^_^

frozen piss spikes

We have a winner.

genfu - use them all in one single nick

I’m personally a fan of “smallpox blanket”

My original internet name used to be Fluxuation, which got shortened to Flux at some point. When I began releasing music, I realised that Flux was going to be fairly common, so I changed it to frux/fruxxo after people in an IRC channel I used to frequent started calling me fruxxo-san.

make a name that is next in line alphabetically to a popular artist you want to be associated with:


aphid bin