Chopped Sample To Track

Hi there,

I suggest a new feature:

once you have a sample chopped up you may want to sequence the slices so as the sample plays like time-stretched
(in sony acid it is to beatmap a sample, in the mpc it is patched phrase)

Well to explain better the idea let’s imagine we have a drum loop (1 Bar lenght).
-we chop it up in 16 equal slices with the beatslicer tool for example
-now to play the sample naturaly in the song, each note representing each slice will have to be every 4 lines in the sequencer, right?

The idea is to have a button that does this for you.

in the proposed case it is very simple to do it manually, but there are many other cases that are not that simple
for example if we use the transient detector for slicing.

(The feature exists in the DR.loop instrument inside Reason as [to track])