Chord Mode When Not Playing

Question: why does chord mode only do anything when the track is playing and in recording mode?
Why is it that you cant even PLAY a chord when the track isnt scrolling and chord mode is on, while recording is enabled? its like chord mode only exists for real-time pattern recording… kind of annoying when you want to put a chord in on the line you’re working on, as theres nothing else for it but to enter each note of the chord one at a time…
any chance of this ever being added?

alexstrain, having keyjazz ( ) turned on you can play chords even while the player is standing. having the record mode ( ) turned on you can hold the left shift key and enter your chord at a time without the need of a running song.
Does it come close to what you were looking for?

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the problem with shift key is that it’s really awkward to hold it and play a proper chord. it would be awesome if you could turn it on and off without holding key, so there would either be a time period in which it would write the notes to the line or simplier sequencer would skip to another step only when the track rows are full.

C-4 E-4 G-4 [skip]

The only situation where this is ackward to me is when i want to use both hand to also add a base-note on the right hand.
Some kind checkbox in the config to allow manual chords without shift would be a relief in such situations.
But it never bothered me that much so far.

What bothers me (sometimes) is that renoise automatically creates to much columns when I’m recording chords (probably because I pressed the wrong notes).
Would be nice if one could set a maxium of columns automatically created.

i.e. 4 columns

This way I don’t have to manually remove columns that weren’t supposed to be there.

Not a bad idea.

If you record chords while the pattern is playing it would be bothering sometimes. But if you are editing in stop mode you can hold down the shift key and enter chord notes one by one, so there would be no wrong pressing of the keys.

Its also very akward to hold down shift if you are doing a chord that on the computer keyboard is very hard or not possible to do, with a midikeyboard.

I think it should automatically put keys pressed within a certain userdefined time as a chord. Even when not in playrecord mode.

I think it should be very high on the priority list because it would speed up for so many users.
It should probably be relatively easy to implement.

also this (link)

It would be nice also to be able to restrict note columns to existing ones. Keyjazz-floater-helper already says that it inserts new note columns when recording if needed, but if I record a triad chord into three-column track it adds an extra column.

Also simultaneously triggered notes with same pitch could be eliminated automatically. Sometimes my keyboard inserts extra notes for some reason, like if I play a chord b-d-f it can end up like b-f-b-d which really looks messy and all.

+1 for not shit for chords and +1 for that link, check it out.

+1 for people using chords in their music!

+1 for people!

Yeah I like where that other thread is going too… +1 for cross promotion :)

I guess I’m bitching, because there is no shift key on my midi keyboard. I havent used the qwerty keys for programming notes since I bought the thing…
I need both hands for some of the chords I want to play. I’ll tell you what, if you can tell me a way to map the shift key to a midi pedal I’d shrug and say no worries :P
But ideally, I’d like to see a toggleable function that allows you to program chords more intuitively - why not have a function that, when turned on, adds every note pressed to the same line until every key is completely depressed; so it functions closer to what the “keyjazz” - or chord-mode as I called it earlier - does when the song is in playrecord mode… doesnt this seem logical to anyone else…? perhaps more logical than a set time for entering each chord, as splaijn suggested? I know I’m nuts, but am I really that far gone? Seriously, this just seems intuitive…

Sounds perfect to me!
Maybe a checkbox per track would be handy. This way you can sort of
divide your tracks into percussion and melodic (chords) tracks.

so, devs?

any word on this?

why am I not surprised this received no responses from the devs. Interesting that they responded to the suggestion that was brought up by Dudgeon, and that it beared only a small relevance to the actual topic being brought up. Its really quite insulting to always have my ideas ignored you know. it would be nice, really honestly nice, if you could just give a straight answer as to whether things are likely to be possible to be implemented, rather than just hoping I lose interest in the idea or whatever the logic is. I dont just come on here blurting the first thing that comes to mind, usually the issue has been on my mind for quite some time by the time I’m game to voice up about it.

so, devs?

any word on this?

you have to send them little presents for christmas, flower’s at their GF’s birthdays etc etc…

We are currently very busy in the background testing the Linux edition so some posts may loos attention here and there. There are enough suggestions being made not answered by Taktik here but i don’t hear any others about feeling insulted when they didn’t got a reply.
For what i can guess this may not be too hard to implement, but i can’t guarantee this will happen.
I do can guarantee you that Taktik does keep an eye on all topics.

I at least try to…

I had another glance at this topic today. Now I think that having an option to select maximum number of created columns or lock the current number of columns is not a perfect solution to avoid accidental key pressings. Assume you have adjusted this option to 4. One fact is if you enter a 3 note or 2 note chord, still accidental key pressings are recorded for you have 4 columns open. Now if you enter a 4 note chord and press a wrong key accidentally before the last note of the chord is played, not only the wrong chord is recorded but also you will miss a main note of the chord too in the track, because only 4 pressed keys will be recorded.

Maybe some more intelligent algorithm is needed to avoid wrong key pressings…

And, if the way chords are interpreted is changed, this topic comes into mind:
Sort Chord Notes By -> Rising/falling

I know one. It’s called practicing.