Sort Chord Notes By -> Rising/falling

When I record chords in a track the notes never gets in the order I like to view them

This is what I want to see when I play/record a C:
C-4 E-4 G-4 (In other words in the order the notes appear on the keyboard)

This (or similar) is what I most often get:
G-4 C-4 E-4 (Which is the same but for various reasons are much harder to work with)

I would like to right click the track and choose:
Sort Chord Notes by -> Rising/Falling.

Would save a lot of extra work and so on…

I often sort the notes manually, which takes up too much valuable time.
So I think this was a good suggestion!

+1, definately.


Thinking of fast workflow it’s a great suggestion.
I often spend time sorting Chords.

Would be great to have.
In general there are many things that can/must be improved in Renoise for live recordings.

I remember discussing many of these things with Martinal. Some of those things was briefly mentioned here. And I’m sure he had plans for this as he was working on the piano-roll.

As we all know, martinal has put everything on hold for a long time, and is not doing any renoise stuff anymore.

Still, hopefully some of this will be improved in the future anyway.

I agree with this suggestion.

I had other glitchy problems with chord mode, but I suppose I’ll save that for a different thread.

Don’t bug the dev’s, this could be achieved with a xrns-php script !

not really, danoise: an user would never be likely to run a PHP script each time he needs to rearrange a chord: this is not a “finishing touch” feature, rather it’s something which would be used on a regular basis by those who need it

OK…you’re prolly right… let’s bug Taktik with realtime script support then :D

In addition I would like the ability to have auto chord recognition, so if you press two or more keys within a certain small amout of time they end up on the same row, without you having to hold down shift key at the same time.

Pressing shift sucks big time.


Also could it be possible to add an filter for same notes triggered from external gear in a very short time inbetween (like subtick) in recording to compensate my low quality shitty plastic piece of musical equipment that is labeled as midikeyboard/controller for some unnown reason? :rolleyes:

e: oh, I again forgot to support the original idea. So
mate, this is a great idea. ^_^