Chris Jarvis' "Blue Flame" Remix

Many of you should be familiar with the original “blue flame” :)

Sorry to say, but the original is much better. :P

Usually it’s bad idea to try to make classics better, when you are just starting off, cause you are likely to fail. There is a reason why the classics are classics. :)

Hm, no, i looked into the original to understand how it is made but played the song myself (on midi keyboard). for the sake of learning:)

yeah i felt it would end up so but tried anyway

It’s hard work so just keep going on, eventually you will learn to produce something nice.
You probably had personal gains with this project which is at least an accomplishment you can use to your benefit in your next project.
So you get a pet on the back from me by starting somewhere. Perhaps some others can be inspired by this aproach.

If you played it yourself, i suspect you probably had a low LPB rate which has the downside that some keys recorded can end up off-rythm easily. Specially if you have the Quantize mode turned on.
By raising the pattern size from 64 to 128 and doubling the LPB rate your notes are placed twice as accurate.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

well, my version is clearly different from the original, but i thought not in ‘erroneous’ kind of way (and i thought that was what Bantai meant).
E.g. i cant hear off-rhytm notes etc, maybe could you point one of them out (in xx:xx way or using soundcloud timed comment or something)

I didnt turn on quantization (to sound more ‘live’ :) ) and also used delay column for sax solo trills (sometimes renoise eats quickly played notes even if they could be positioned using ‘delay-trick’)

Sorry, i meant to speak about this pat:

The notes may be starting on the right point in the pattern, but i guess the attack rate of some of your instruments is then kicking in late or samples contain a little silence or delay space at the start.
It might not really be viewable from a distance, but it is noticable by hearing.

Renoise can’t place two notes on the same row in the same column. With the chord mode on you will notice notes quickly going to the next column.
If you release the keys soon enough, the notes in the previous column will be cut in time as well.

Without chord mode, Renoise will not place (or shall replace) staccato notes on the spot where you would like them if the song speed and LPB rate is too low.
With chord mode, it should be capable of placing up to 12 notes in staccato automatically using delay values. (assuming the Quantize mode is turned off)
There were some problems with 2.7B5 and older versions where recording notes went wrong at low speeds.
In B7 this should be resolved to some extent (There is still a discussion going on on better improvement)

Isn’t Renoise currently recording staccato notes in additional note-columns when chord mode is turned on?

Renoise created additional note columns ok, but one of them contained only note-off without a note. I tried to reproduce this now, but failed no matter how low i set BPM. So maybe it was me doing smth wrong :unsure: – i didnt investigate that upon noticing, just added missing note manually.

Im using 2.7b6.

B7 is also already out which should have more improvements on this area.