Clicking Slot Grab On Subsequent Pattern Makes It Unique. Should It?

(Sorry if it’s been reported or if I’ve misunderstood some kind of feature.)

  1. Use the same pattern twice in a row in the sequence
  2. Enter some data in one of those patterntracks/slots.
  3. Carefully click the lower part of that slot.
  4. One of the patterns will suddenly be made unique.

Maybe it’s intended but it seems very dangerous.

It is intended. In this very simple example it is not necessary to do so, but in many others it is, in order to repeat the slot exactly as you want it to.
Why do you think this is “dangerous”?

  1. It will accidentally happen when clicking around slots for a while.

  2. This will break the mental song structure
    2b) Especially with aliases, as an alias that was intended to point to a slot will not update accordingly (Renoise doesn’t know what sequence you intended as a “mother”).

I’m not sure i understand the feature. Maybe it could be filtered with a control key?

EDIT: Doing a pattern wide operation on the basis of a slot doesn’t seem logical, at least not if it happens easily by accident.


If doing the same thing while having selected multiple slots will copy both patterns to different numbers. Subsequent aliases will then get “broken” visually.

Seems related. I’m not so fond of this either…

When no dragging was performed, I’m fully with you.

Changed/fixed that now. Let’s discuss the rest?

Whew. I’m glad that was just an oversight. :)

Well, ok. I hope this won’t derail into that flat-sequencer war thing, though… But for starters: I suspect there must be some technical reason for doing uniques of every copied pattern? That would explain the quirk 3 -vid thing. I can’t really see what that is, unless it’s about the speed of which the copying is done? That you could skip checking if it is actually necessary to do unique patterns instead of just the amount needed. I don’t know. I’m probably missing something here.

As for quirk 2, I’m also a bit stumped on why the first pattern needs to be uniquified. I’d very much like to understand that one. As to uniquifying of the second pattern, it must have something to do with the explanation of that quirk 3.

I think that’s related to the point I reported here which I was told wont go back to the old way of working. Think it’s weird myself too!