Clip Channel Indicator


to introduce myself: My name is Menno, I am from the Netherlands (sorry for some bad-english lines:() and I am one big renoise-geek! :dribble:
I am active in creating music now for 3 years, played two times live (using renoise).

While precreating livesets in renoise, I always try to reduce the amount of clipping samples (duh ;)), and sometimes, using 50 tracks together, it is so damn difficult to just pick that annoying sample which is disturbing your ears!

So I have been thinking about this one…of course this isn’t a must, because if you are creating songs, you just have to watch your clipping indicator, but sometimes you are just in a music flow, and mixing isn’t important at all, and you are totally focused at producing your songs. (you probably know that feeling hhehe ;)) how about an option, that if you enable a button, it marks the track with the clipping sample red? (or multiple samples who are making the problem)

I don’t exactly know if this is possible, but it would be a great function!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for creating this wonderful software!


Tracks in Renoise don’t clip, Read more about it here:…c=10298&hl=