Clockwork Samurai


now 37:36 minutes of electro junglebreaks drillrock folklore, in stereo!
Clockwork Samurai XL

because some liked it and i love doing it
… hey, at least i didnt start a new topic

Woa bloody hell forget the fact that this is a break-fest - this is good music too! My fav one from you so far :) Love the chipy melodies. Funky BotB!

wow!! that’s intense!!

Hmm, this must’ve been a shitload of work and is going straight into my music collection. :)

Well done, i especially like the speedcore parts in the second half, which met my mood after listening to a Nordcore mix before your track. I wonder, why nearly no hardcore/gabber tracks are posted here?

Yeeeesss, eeeexellent!!! :D

thanks guys :)

yes it WAS a lot of work!!! I appreciate you noticed the attemps
at musical content there foo?!

been a while since we’ve heard anything from you mate… can i just say it was DEFINATELY worth the wait.

Absolutely LOVE this sort of shiz, almost too much =)

EDIT: after listening to this on loop for several hours whilst killing time (i should be working on my own tracks…) i noticed what i thought to be a slight Kizzume influence on the second track, is there any relationship…?

Good work BotB, insane amount of programming there. Not entirely my cuppa, but still real likeable, and builds to an intense, but great ending.

Let’s see yer .xrns then!

hehe, only jokin’

h-o-o-o-o-o-o-l-l-y s-h-*-t !!!11!


not sure what you heared that reminded you of Kizzume, I can only say that all music I hear influences
me one way or the other, so perhaps there is a relationship. and we’re thinking about getting a lovebaby. ;)

I was thinking about also getting up the xrnsessesess, I did share the first track’s xrns some time ago,
but uploading all those megs on my poor poor ftp? I like you guys, but nobody’s worth that trouble. :P

since I heard your entry for the beatbattle IV I kept my Eye on your site.
this song is also incredible.

Hope you have a gig more in the north of holland, than I will certainly be there.

where is this now??

had to take it offline… so it’s on my harddrive

Dr. Drips, tell some people to book me, I’m cheap! :P
I’m doing a Holland tour somewhere in the fall/winter of this year,
so I hope to do some gigs in the northern parts of Holland by then.


‘ik zeg maar zo, gewoon doorgaan!’



For the lovers of the style a good piece. Apart from the sometimes too much used “lofied” samples.

I finally had a chance to listen to this epic. Good stuff!

Vooral doorgaan inderdaad!
Dit is echt zoooo cocaine.

Curious about a couple of things:

what was the bpm and speed used here? I’m assuming hight bmp and low speed. How many patterns are there in this thing? It should be massive!

There is a whole lotta work here. I hope an independent labels has found your talent and signed you. This is really good. Congrats.

I tracked everything at 480bpm, speed 3, usually between 70 and 120 different patterns.

Well, it’s really up to artists to go to labels… they don’t do a lot of scouting…
Maybe I should try sending demos to some labels sometimes, although I´m
not too sure what labels carry fluffcore… I mean, it´s often either BREAKCORE
or WEIRD SHIT and imho my music is weird breaky shit. But thanks for the kind words man!

Absolute genius. Must have taken you ages to make. Keep it up! :)

Do you mind if I link to it at my website? Its just too good.