Color Themes For Renoise

(robbneu) #321

Wait… you mean I’m actually smarter than I thought? That doesn’t sound right. :unsure:

Thanks again for the beautiful themes, Keith!

(Haplo) #322

Really liked the Silver-theme,thanks Keith303.

General question to everyone.
Is it just that I’ve missed them or are there very few “lighter” themes, that don’t burn your eyes off that is :wink: ?

(Johann) #323

Well, that does make it easier to concentrate on the audio… I think it’s intentional B)

(maes) #324

a lil nooby question… how does one make all the – merge with the background of the pattern editor and yet have a different colour of the entered information?

i want it to look a bit less “busy” if you know what i mean.

(Spike Jones) #325

the colors that already came with Renoise are very good

the only thing i changed was for a jeans pattern


(ModuLR) #326

With the near release of 2.5, here’s another little theme based on the my Noir theme back on page 13. This one is lightened a bit to work better when tracking in a brighter room, and I added some color to make it a little easier on the eyes in those conditions as well. Still overall, it’s just how I like it, dark! Maybe someone will find it appealing… maybe not, ha! :)


(robbneu) #327

ModuLR… this is great! Thanks for the updated version!

(niNja_pWn3d) #328

K so how do I use that script to add it to my “themes” folder?

…::niNja pWn3d::…[/center]

(choice) #329

Not sure if will break the image link but here is what I use.

(radian) #330

Since they seem to be a popular pairing, has anyone made matching Reaper/Renosie themes ?

(Spike Jones) #331

that’s so electroclash gay :D

(syphus) #332

Thanks for that, Jenoki. Reaper’s default/bundled themes look fucking gash - so aesthetically antithetical to Renoise that, up until now, I’ve refused to Rewire them together in case the ugliness is infectious. Now I can get some proper recording done :)

(radian) #333

Reaper’s looks are one of weakest points that for sure. BTW they also a live knock-off in their downloads, but it’s used different shades to the Renoise “livelike” theme.

(maes) #334


(tode) #335

I’ve used a theme by Brokenbeat called Madcunt for ages. It’s the only skin my eyes can handle.

(Den) #336

I use dblue’s “Textured.” It’s classy ^_^

(protman) #337

Impulse Vintage v1 (protman)

Impulse Industrial v1 (protman)

(fluxBOX) #338

Great work on all the themes everyone :yeah:

I am using the modulr mudskipper theme.

(protman) #339

imho many of the themes miss the point. The different types of data need to be represented segregatively. The pattern data colors should be completely separated from the other info-box data to make it easier to hold current pattern data in your mind; somewhere between undo and redo. Much of the themes I see inadvertently try to unify the colors between active and static info relying on only their placement, shapes, and context to make the immediate discern. imho, these discerns should be entirely color based, reflecting as much as is possible what is static and what is dynamic in the sequences.

(netrunner) #340

Several Renoise Themes from me. They are not made from scratch, but maybe you’ll like it :)
_solar-night was inspired by the effect of solarization. It’s good for composing at night.