Color Themes For Renoise

(crazya02) #341

Reddish theme
My theme
Greenish theme
Inverted version of my theme
Bluish theme

Hope I got the link text right… :P

(crazya02) #342

uh oh :unsure:

(xaviergray) #343

I quite like this :) Mind uploading?

(Wen) #344

woah… finally managed to get around to check out 2.51 demo, and it kind of blew my mind.
I still didnt like any of the themes tho ( too coloury and contrasty imho ) so i decided to spend some times trying if i can tune it to my liking.

Started up with default, but ended up lot like moogys non-threatening which was my favourite ( tho had bit too much green for me ).
Finished up with the “Main” section, and im pretty happy with that now.

Meddled a bit with pattern editor too, not really satisfied with that, but i want to relearn tracking and do some tutorials before i go on with that.
If someone else likes this look too, and would add the same style on pattern/automation/vumeters, it would be awesome.


Screenie :)

Click to view contents

(niNja_pWn3d) #345


(Conner_Bw) #346

There’s something like 100 themes included with Renoise, most of the ones submitted to this thread are packaged with the app itself, did you look in the themes directory? e.g.


(The Otter Years) #347

here is my first theme!


(td6d) #348

Nice! But a bit to bright for my taste ;)

(The Otter Years) #349

Thanks :) yeah there are lots of dark ones so i thought i’d light up my room with this.

(Djeroek) #350

Can someone visually gifted please supply some new textures? :) Thnx

(crazya02) #351

My first usable theme: Track to the future!

Download (I know it’s mediafire, but unlimited storage, so… :wacko:

Use Jing (Google or whatever), that’s what I use.

(silverwings) #352

love it! it nice to see some light themes :] i removed the texture myself, i like it mnml.

(speedy) #353


easy on the eyes, professional look, with focus on pattern area.

Have fun.


download here:

(Zed) #354

Hey, the link is down, I like the theme, anyone got this one?

(Chala) #355

This is a Tron theme I made a few days ago. Ive been using it since then.

You can download it here it you like it.

Also, I just joined the forum today, but have been a visitor of this forum for a while. I’ve also been using renoise since 2007.

(flight) #356



(vincentvc) #357

Awesome theme.
Too bad the automation buttons get lost. The difference between clipped and the default color on the vumeter isn’t that clear either. Also some red accents would be a cool effect as well. :)

(Hypnoid) #358

here’s a couple of themes i did…


and this is a texture i did…



(00.1) #359


(zarach) #360