Color Themes For Renoise

(f+d+k) #381

Here’s my personal theme. Nothing special, but I like it, maybe some of you, too.


(krixa) #382

My theme. Enjoy :panic:

Download --> krixa_hatch.xml

(CodyVega) #383

i like my renoise theme to be in matrix code

(grymmjack) #384


I created a new theme called OneColor. It’s monochromatic grayscale and a single hue with varying values.

This should allow many variations to be made quickly using the Global Saturation and Value sliders.

Enjoy :)

Here is the theme in it’s native dark state.

But with some adjustments I created this:

And then quickly to this:

It occurred to me as I was getting things setup on my notebook that this did not exist yet, and I think it should as most people are happy with a grayscale and their favorite colors? Probably some more effort could be put into creating some inverted ones for light backgrounds (as the one I did kind of hides some of the text in the selected states), but it’s a good start for getting something quickly setup I hope.

Download here

This was a total coincidence that I used green for the OneColor theme, but it might suit you :)

If you want real Matrix, take the value down by 10 or so, and remove the textures. This will make it look like it’s floating on some terminal.

(grymmjack) #385

I created another theme called BlueMech-B. It’s also monochromatic grayscale and a blue hue.

This can also allow variations to be made quickly.

Enjoy :)

I created the other themes I just posted on my MacBook, and they looked kind of ass on my PC. This one is better.
Download here

(Dr. Drips) #386

My theme today:


(AstralExistence) #387

this is genius!

(AstralExistence) #388


(grymmjack) #389


(D-tracker) #390

Great theme! The colours are good for the eye!

(Burital) #391

3 skins in colors of brown , bordo and green/orange (they are from the skins of the original installtion of renoise and i changed them a liittle bit)

(grymmjack) #392

Thanks, here is an update of latest :)

It’s a little brighter. I work in complete darkness in the basement, and this is the best balance I can achieve.

![]( Brighter (grymmjack).png)

[Download]( Brighter (grymmjack).xml)

(lain2501) #393

track and kill


(grymmjack) #394

Here is a port of Ableton Live Clay Look and Feel.


(ViZiON) #395

Hi All,

You can download here the FastTracker 2 Keyboard & Theme for Renoise v2.80:

FT2 Keyboard & Theme for Renoise 2

Happy Fun !


(esaruoho) #396

rar? … smh…

(ViZiON) #397

YES : 2 XML files. You don’t like it ?



(iamjoey) #398

Still my favourite renoise theme. The girls love it.

Big up sir.

(benJam) #399

I’ve seen some people fiddling around with the textures in the skin directory lately and some even changing fonts and stuff.
How about starting a new thread where people can post their improved/altered inofficial skin-files (fonts/textures/etc)?

(ffx) #400

Wow, this one let me feel like I was sitting in front of an Amiga! Nice :rolleyes: Workbench 2.0 style.