Color Themes For Renoise

(shadowpsyc) #401

Newbie, first themes I’ve made so I’m sure the color implementation isn’t the best

Zebra, roughly imitating the Zebra 2 alt skin

Texture folder:

Amaterasu, red+white theme, after I made it I decided it reminded me of Okami

Cotton Candy, slight edit of one of jenoki’s themes

(Tweeny) #402

Updated my FTII color theme a bit, enjoy :walkman:

FTII Pic 1

FTII Pic 2

FTII Pic 3

FTII Pic 4

RT´sFTII Theme ver.2.0

(MdX MaxX) #403

Here’s my red and yellow theme. May be a bit obnoxious but I’ve gotten so used to it lol:

(Veggies) #404

My first theme, “Brown #12” modified heavily from the “Autum” theme.
Kudos if you catch the name reference.

(Subsky) #405

Here is my contribution :)

Strong Winds v1.05

(fraktal) #406

my (of course) blue theme:

download theme

(exansl) #407

Does anyone know where the textures folder is located on mac OSX?

(midi error) #408

I have made a theme inspired by the original 1989 Gameboy…


(radian) #409

This link seems dead? :(

(crazya02) #410

Right click the Renoise app, click “Show Package Contents”. In the new Finder window that pops up, go to /Contents/Resources/Skin

In there are several folders that contain the image files used in the GUI.

(Hypnoid) #411

Here are a couple of themes i did…


Machine Gold:

Machine Silver:

Nightshift uses a texture i created a while back. it’s included in the zip too.


(BreemiX) #412


My Fasttracker II style GUI, for nostalgic people like me ! :walkman:

  • Included FT2 font file and Config.xml (put them into …/renoise-2.8.1/Skin/Fonts)
  • Included ft2.xml file (GUI theme)

Download and extract the 3 files


(KMaki) #413

My first submission, heavily based on “Amaterasu” by liquid wind.

Karate Kid

(vV) #414

Wasn’t Amaterasu god of the Sun?. Reminds me of the game Okami. But i miss the bright yellow colors then as well :)

(KMaki) #415

Second one: an adaptation of the “Solarized” colortheme by Ethan Schoonover.


(Fungola) #416

Does anyone have this file? Would be great to share again… thanks!

(Moxon) #417

Wow, thanks a lot for this theme and all the work behind it! I really love the solarized theme and have switched a lot of things to it.

Still it somehow appears to be a bit faded or “washed” out, what about using Base00 instead of Base01 for the pattern editor font color?

(KMaki) #418

Glad you like it! I also like what mr. Schoonover has created.The solarized theme is so well documented and maintained that adapting it to renoise wasn’t really that much of a chore. Actually I was quite surprised that it wasn’t adapted already!

And you’re right - base00 seems to make all the difference in pattern default font. Unfortunately I’m not a pro in matters of color, or the solarized theme…I’ll try to see if there’s something else I could maybe fix and post an updated version here. Maybe PM if you have ideas? Or, heck - roll your own, improved theme and post here. :yeah:/> :D/>

(Cas) #419

please make this thread sticky, for some reason it is UNfindable with forum search. (renoise themes, color themes, whatever)

(KMaki) #420

Yes, I’ve noted the forum search does not allow to search for the word ‘colour’. Explanation = mystery.

Wait. Sorry; ‘Colour’ is allowed. 'Color" is not.