Color Themes For Renoise

(Cas) #421

US discrimination! :P

(Moxon) #422

I slightly adjusted your theme and also produced a “Light” version (although I prefer the dark one). Hope they are of some use to someone:

Solarized Dark Theme

Solarized Light Theme

(KMaki) #423

@Moxon, those look sweet!

(A.O.M.V.) #424

Awesome! I have often wanted to play outside with my laptop but encountered problems with contrast. Now I have something to try. Thanks

(nikto) #425

Guys, anyone who has this ‘Winther’s Golden theme’, share please!

The original link is dead, and the author has been inactive since May.
But the theme is so uber cool, we simply must have it!

(Moxon) #426

It really is cool!

You might find the author in steam (I am not a steam user, so someone else might want to get in touch with him/her):

Good luck and please repost the theme here once you get it!

(nikto) #427

I am a Steam user, and I tried adding Winther as a friend (request sent), but he harn’t answered, maybe he disapproves of the games I play (weird platformers mostly)).

(RANSOM) #428


I am gonna make some tweaks here and there for more usability soon, also need to update my Apple Logic theme soon.

Thanks and love to all who love and use this theme.

(elmex) #429

lol, thats a close one. Feature it in a youtube video and people will start asking for the “weird live 9 setup”.

(Cas) #430

When are people eligible? When they bought it, right?

(It-Alien) #431

why not sharing it as a stolen video of the forecoming new Live? :)

(Luka P. (Nova deViator)) #432

now i can tell to people at the gig asking what software am i using: “ah, it’s the brand new beta version of live! awesome!”

(td6d) #433

Live 10 Alpha leaked!!

(ghostwerk) #434

link is dead :c

(krixa) #435

It’s working now.

(RANSOM) #436

this is a dropbox link, so yeah, permanently it can be unavailable.

(xrxs) #437

really good theme, thank you!

(flipbit03) #438

Hey guys, what’s up? First post here, actually created this account coz a friend said i should post this theme i created here and stuff, hope someone likes it.


(Mandulin) #439

I’m trying to figure out a good way to put the Monokai color scheme into a Renoise theme. The theme deliberately focuses only on the pattern editor, the color of the body can be whatever you like. The theme isn’t completely done yet but if you like the idea you might just adjust the rest to your taste. I’m also thinking about writing a little script that will go through a theme xml file and change only the pattern settings to fit the Monokai theme and leave everything else unchanged.

Download link:

(weizenkeim) #440

Made my first theme yesterday. Green. keeps me calm…