Color Themes For Renoise

(Jgod) #461

I have a theme that I’ve been using for years that I think is quite pleasant (that I want to share).
Only problem is, there are a couple of things I don’t know the option name for.
In the Master Spectrum, what is the “all” wave color called?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask for this.

(kodi) #462

Someone needs to take “Solarized Dark” programming theme and port it to Renoise

(KMaki) #463

Someone already did. :wink:

Solarized Dark & Solarized Light

(CLAPZ) #464

does somebody have this theme for me please?

(djwav) #465

Does the vache colour theme exist anywhere? I really quite like it.

(organic io) #466

Looks an awful lot like the default color scheme on older Renoise versions circa 1.5, which would make sense since that video is pretty old.

P.S… vsnares is not as 1337 as you think he is… Sorry to break it to you.

(Veggies) #467

What prompted you to say this? All he asked was what the theme was. You’re basically flame-baiting with a needless offtopic remark like that.

(organic io) #468

You’re right. The point of it was: I was thinking he was a new person who was trying to prove himself by showing that he has knowledge of this thing that was lauded or considered special by the community, when in actuality the thing in question is about as basic/default as it gets (the color theme). I was just trying to help him realize that he doesn’t have to do anything “cool” to be accepted by the community, just be himself, be REAL, and the rest will follow.

But maybe I was reading too much into it. It was also partially just a lighthearted joke.

So djwav, welcome to the community! :)

P.S. I don’t listen to vsnares and never really saw what all the hype was about, but I do respect his technical skills.

Edit: Just in case the reader doesn’t know what is being referred to, there is a video of a vsnares song playing in Renoise which used to be thrown around the Renoise forums quite a lot.

Edit2: Stated another way: This person new to Renoise sees a vsnares song in Renoise and thinks “Oh, since vsnares is a technical wizard, he must have this super top secret color theme too”, not realizing that the color theme is just the default from the old version of Renoise that was used at the time. Simple as that.

I’ll stop now. Reaaally not trying to cause a situation. :D

(Veggies) #469

I actually started using Renoise as a result of falling in love with VS myself :P

I just think you made a huge assumption about his character that was uncalled for. But you understand what you did and you’re being nice about it so it’s cool.

(organic io) #470

Sweeet. :D

(djwav) #471

I don’t know why, but I’m actually somewhat offended by this whole diatribe. I am in fact, not a Venetian Snares fan, I’ve probably only listened to one or two tracks. His music is something I’m not overly interested in. I came across the video while searching for Renoise tutorials on YouTube, and the colour of that theme just happened to catch my eye. I quite like it.

I’ve noted to myself now that this forum maybe isn’t such a constructive and helpful place to ask questions and make posts. I find that people who make condescending assumptions about someone else really sour things for me, and so what if I was a huge Venetian Snares fan anyway… it’s just a stupid colour theme.

I had signed up here just to ask a few harmless questions about MIDI and colour themes.
I won’t continue to post here in future. Sorry.

(organic io) #472

I’m sorry.

Most people here aren’t as retarded as I am, I promise. You really should stick around.

(vV) #473

For someone with 3 posts and less than a month experience here, i would dare you to just keep lurking before giving those kind of thoughts a fixed (and for what i can warrant:biased) position.

(djwav) #474

What motivation do I have as a newbie to continue posting or lurking here if I am ridiculed and made to feel small simply because someone else has some assumptions about my goals or intentions after asking about a pretty looking colour theme?

I’m only pointing this out from the perspective of a newbie who has just signed up, and wants to ask a few questions that don’t harm anyone.

I think I have an answer to my original question anyway. I’ll see if I can track down this colour theme file circa version 1.5. Thanks for the pointer.

(KMaki) #475

Completely understandable, put that way. But I for one would hate to have someone leave this community in particular feeling that it was full of douches. I’ve yet to find a forum more friendly, fun or appropriate. Yeah, there are occasional bumps suh as Organic io’s reply there (which I think was meant more lighthearted than how it came out), and some personalities you’d have to sorta ‘interpret’ to get… But all in all it’s one of the cleaner nooks of the ol’ internet you got here.

By the way. This would be the perfect point to insert previously mentioned color theme you were after! I’ll see if renoise 1.5 is still dl’able from the backstage, and try to find if the theme is there.

1_5_2 All themes in my dropBox - The vache one seemed to be “celsius-blue.xml”, if anything.

(djwav) #476

Thanks for going out of your way to provide the theme files, and a thoughtful reply. That’s really A+ of you. I’ll take your word for it :)

Btw I’ll be back at the studio tomorrow, if you could keep those on your Dropbox for just a tad longer. My mobile can’t seem to save any of those files right now :( that would he ace. Will report back!

(ToÑ—vo) #477

So far, the Winther’s Gold Theme has been my favorite. Seriously, seems to me the most workable color set, I would even recommend including it in Renoise install package. (the XML was posted on previous page somwehere).

(gentleclockdivider) #478

No serious , everybody here on the forum ( including venetian snares ) , before reaching their thousanth post , were treated verry verry bad by the elderly…they were referred to as 'THOSE THAT HAVE REACHED DA .1000> POST ers…or DA FLYING gurus …sometimes Dee levitating goeroes
We were all treated like bitches ,virtually sodomised , ridiculed …it’s just the way this community works .
Good luck

(vV) #479

No its not, it is how some characters on this forum consider to act, but it is not “how this community works”.

(Jenoki) #480

hello i made a theme based on colours of the new website