Color Themes For Renoise

(td6d) #481

(gentleclockdivider) #482

It was a joke

(danoise) #483

Dark themes are abound, so here is a lighter one:
Grainy Day



Based on my previous light theme, as well as this one

(ffx) #484

very good theme danoise! Thanks.

Something like this, dark letters on bright back, should be the default theme imo. The current 3.0’s default is better than 2.8’s… But still I believe the darkness will scare the prospect.

(ffx) #485

“Simply focus”

Download theme below | Download theme brighter

(kopias) #486

Grainy Day - very nice one. danoise my eyes are saying thanks.

(Carbonthief) #487

Fucking beautiful, using immediately.

(00.1) #488

The following link will take you to an example of hex color code for Humbrol 87 Steel Grey.

If you click on the search bar, you can click-drag for a color or type in a hex color code.

(danoise) #489

Made a new, slightly tweaked version of Grainy Day

Download here

  • Better contrast on grids (keyzone, automation, spectrum etc.)
  • Lighter default track colors (see screenshot)
  • Uniform ‘blue’ color for parameters/automation


(odoyle) #490

Thank you, danoise & crytek—these last two are awesome.

(RANSOM) #491

Final version of Live 9 theme for Renoise 3.

(odoyle) #492

Atarix, thank you! That’s very faithful to Ableton’s UI colors

(RANSOM) #493

u r welcome =)

(thalamus) #494

Really smart theme, thanks! (love the unified blues)

(Jenoki) #495



(lowkey) #496


Thankyou :drummer:

(odoyle) #497

Jenoki delivers. Again.

Good job!


(Jenoki) #498

here’s another!



(odoyle) #499

Oooo. I approve :)

(mo0kid) #500

Oblivious Theme