Color Themes For Renoise

Hey thanks a million! It took me a while to figure out that you have to change that setting on the actual tracks, not in settings. lol

Maybe I’ll actually get down to finishing my album now after playing with fonts and themes for two nights.

Hello Together!

After some time work with my Beautiful Pastell Theme i realized thats it beauty, but not Eyefriendly in some Situations and longer Worktimes. So i try to create a more ergonomic and eyefriendly Theme. I worked now with it for around ten days and its a really enjoy. Specially the readability to avoid eye fatigue and saving concentration in longer working sessions are quite a bit better. If you want give him a try…


Download: Autumntone Beauty

happy tracking :slight_smile:


Just wanted to share that the ReNoise Dracula theme is now up officially on their main site for people to easily find! :+1:t2: :drummer:



thanks for reminding me of this gem, totally worth it!

Link expired :frowning:

It’s reuploaded.

Thank You! U are my Hero! :slight_smile:

people should srsly stop deleting their downloadlink posts or the files on them filehost servers.
i wanted to download some themes, and wow … all the ones i wanted to try out aren’t there anymore.


the issue is that many people use temp links that have 1 to 7 days validity…
you have to contact authors individually (PM or @) to ask a new download link…

Emerald-Black-Beauty Theme comming up next. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:



Download Link for 2 Versions of Colorsheme added. Colors and Visuality may differs from the Screenshots. I have not Time to make some new. All Mainvisuals and Controls are optimized for visibility and readability. Maybe i missed to outwork some/all of the Pattern FX Colors. Feel free to change it to your needs.

happy Tracking :slight_smile:


darktheme.xrnc (5.0 KB)

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I fixed the link. Sorry about that.

FM-7 Inspired Theme - I love the style of the old FM7 plug-in. Here is a theme that is usable and is inspired by it.






This might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

One of the nicest themes the only thing i would like is in the instrument list i cant see very well when an instrument is playing.Is there anywhere i can fix that?

Hi! Cheers! I noticed the same thing and I could not find a way to make it more visible. Maybe someone else can help. I have tried even settings that didn’t seem to be related.

Wow that is high praise. Glad you think so. I was making a milky tracker theme (recently was playing with it and then thought, huh wouldn’t it be great in renoise?) milky theme isn’t as nice but it reminded me yet again how awesome renoise is.

Gorgeous! I love gruvbox too. Will check this out!

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hey peepz, did a Redux theme i really like, here it is for your consumption :slight_smile:
(maybe it works for Rnz too, i don’t know)
ReduxTHM02.xrnc (5.0 KB)



@grymmjack The download link the FM-7 Theme is broken. Would you be so kind and put it back up again?