Color Themes For Renoise

fiddled together a theme, that I quite like





redark.xrnc (5.0 KB)


really nice, some comments :

  • the contrast of the UI is ok, but the contrast on the notes is much smaller, makes it hard to read
  • effect commands “lose” their special color compared to the default theme

You are absolutely correct.

This theme is a copy of Impulse Tracker, however, which did not differentiate between effect commands and other commands. Likewise the contrast of the notes is copied over straight from IT, which is why it’s as terrible as it is :slight_smile:

The way forward would be to start modernizing this theme: improve contrast where needed (and reduce it elsewhere - I’m used to it now but at first some colors really hurt my eyes) and do some other work to create a Renoise theme that takes its inspiration from IT but not the exact colors.

This is on my list of things to do at some point, but not at the top of it, I’m afraid. However, feel free to fork the theme on Github (like I did) and improve it. I’d love to see what you could come up with.

Emerald Black Beauty theme reuploaded as requested. See originalpost for download.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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NoiseLabs.xrnc (4.9 KB)


This is great! Thank you :love_you_gesture:

Hi, any chance of re-uploading this (as well as your previous pastel one)? These are seriously beautiful!

(If you need a free and quick way to upload files, I can recommend :slight_smile: )

or he could just upload them directly here to the forum, no need for filehosting :slight_smile:

also, welcome to the forum, tactilepro!

@PALPITATOR, nice work on this! can you pls upload them directly to the forum in this thread?

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boom. thank you!

this one is lovely. could you reupload it?

nice. but link is daed

Reupload comes on Weekend

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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Beautiful theme! Could you upload the pastel theme as well please? :smiley:

thank you! could you reupload edison sampler theme as well?

Reupload comes on Weekend

Not sure who posted this theme or where I got but I really dig the color palette for Phase Plant.

phase_plant.xrnc (5.0 KB)


This theme is precious. I made a completely resample and phrase-based and internal fx workflow 7-track template and it is looking pretty sexy :slight_smile:

TemplateSong.xrns (34.2 KB)

VSTs used: Tyrell N6 and Zebralette


Better upload the theme instead of the song :slight_smile: