Colorising Pattern Data?


To be honest, i’m too lazy to search for this but…
Has anyone suggested ‘colorising’ the different columns within a track?
Like this:

This should offcourse be optional…

Yup. In fact it was discussed just recently, but was suggested very long ago. And it’s still a very good idea. :yeah:

The old related thread:…b15a7a7bd9c0b2c

Another thing to add could be to have a the note and instrument fade the less volume it has.

i’d prefer highlighting for areas where notes/commands are affecting the sound. i.e. example highlight a block from a note to noteoff, or from 02xy command to the another one or 00xy. just a general thought…

That sounds a lot like how it would look in the pattern editor if the clip arranger is implemented.
Arranger Thread

probably, but i’m against the arranger, such arranger is outdated to me, the future of the musicmaking is details and originality. after all, the arranger is alien to Renoise classical pattern system, which can be improved similar to the arranger way… cough 403 Access denied

oh yes, coloring was often suggested, and would greatly improve readability. also a smaller font for volume, pan and effect column would be awesome.

Colored patterns would be great, and should help alot with the manageability of patterns until the arranger idea is finalised and put in place.

I thought about something similar (funny it is, when you discover that you’re not a genius :D) but my idea is about coloring background under tracks to make this more “blockable” and visible ;>

hello everyone!

an option to colorize the tracks in pattern. :)
(NOT only the data, please)
would make the tracks much more organized.
i think that isnt hard to implement and its really needed.
that would be so cool!


coloured columns and customizable spaces between the single columns - like in MED on PC … yes, i want it too ;)

This idea is implemented in Sk@le. To be not confused by so much colors, there was a knob to switch on/off the colors. If you click onto the instrument number by holding Ctrl you could reset the color. If you click onto the instrument’s name by holding Ctrl you can change the color for it. The instrument name itself is than colored.

This feature is easy to code. And very very handy. I often use it. And why this should be not a part of Renoise functions.

Ok. Accepted.
But it could be handled by a colored background. This would have the same result. ;)
By the way with a background color it is possible to show how long a sample is.

If there is button for switching on/off the different color modes, the problem should be solved.

Prio 1 when it comes to coloring would for me be coloring of patterns in the pattern sequencer.

Then I would probably prefer colored tracks.
It would make it easier to navigate. Between the tracks.
And colours are quicker to assign and read than names.

But I don’t find any except pattern sequencer colors to be any important.

If you make a song fully with Renoise, I think colors are not so important.
It is more an option for all those, who import there old stuff from e.g. ft][, which is not very structured, caused on the older interface.

I see.

I can also think of another nice thing to use colored patterns for.

If you in the future can merge two songs. Than the patterns from the song that you import could get another color. Though it could also work with adding a sign in the names of the patter in the pattern sequencer.

If colors where implemented and two songs with the same colors were merged, the colors from the old song should rather stay…

Yeah colouring the tracks would be ace. I would love to be able to put all my drum tracks next to eachother and highlight them all, click on RED and have them all ping into RED. Pads could be BLUE, Bass Green etc.

It would make it SOO much easier to zoom around a pattern with loads of tracks and find what you are looking for.

Did you mean something like that:…6&hl=djnick

[It was very fast mockup…]