Colour Track Lane Text

Hey all,

Is it possible to create a plugin that forces the colour of the track text to be the same as the selected tracks colour?

Hope that makes sense :)

i have no idea if it is possible, cause i haven’t really looked into scripting (yet?).

however, i wonder why you would want to do this? you can right-click in the pattern editor and select ‘show track colours’ to see the color in the pattern editor. you already see it in mixer view and the pattern sequencer.

also, what would you have happen when you select a track? currently the color changes (in my theme from white to blue)… wouldn’t this get confusing when every trackname has a different color?

I’m running the stock theme, so mine doesn’t change.

I think it makes sense to be able to group things by colour, and having the track text inherit the colour makes it stand out much easier than when everything is white. I’ve been putting together a live set and I’ve got about 70 tracks and after a while it all feels like a white blur :)

Most daws these days allow to to colour track lanes; I’d find it super useful.

There was a moderately sized discussion about this a while ago:

Opinions are quite divided, to say the least :)

Ahh I see, cheers for pointing me too it mate.