Column Lock (by Note)

This started as a thread i made in the beginner section of the forum however i dont think i explained it very well. I’ll try again here:

Ok. So in a nutshell, I want to be able to force renoise to have each instance of a note be in the same column.

So for example:

  • I am playing in a beat, live, using pads.
  • Renoise automatically spawns a new column (within the instrument channel) for each new note played.
  • All proceeding instances of this note are also, automatically, placed in this new column.
  • If i play only kick & snare (eg. C3 & D3), When i’m done knocking in this beat, there will be two columns with multiple instances of Kick in one and multiple instances of Snare in the other.

I’d find this feature all kinds of useful.

Thanks for listening.

Currently it sounds better to lock a column per instrument or sample, you don’t want to have the c-4 of another instrument end up in the first column as your c-4 kick drum for instance.

This is very simple idea something like “Druming Device”. :)

Mainly this device is for realtime inputting with MIDI controller like Pad kontrol, Trgger Finger etc, so we can do MIDI mapping. The max slots are only 12, since max columns per track are 12.

This is just only something like ‘note input helper’.
So in this image, the instrument number of this device is ‘00’ though, the linked instrument number ‘01’ is inputted on the Pattern Editor actually.
So if you delete this device when the tune is completed, no problem at all.

I know this mock-up is very limited functionally(e.g. you can specify only one note per one column), but I want to make things simple as possible.
If we can have “Column in Song” copy & paste, this device will be more meaningful… I think.

Just grouping the notes afterwards ought to be fine. Some kind of right-click->column->column per unique note option would help present drum patterns cleanly.

How about marking instrument as drum kit and doing it automagically?

With sort notes ascending along columns function that someone suggested already of course. (That one was for chords but would be useful here too.)

I agree that it’d be nice to have an option to have the instrument ‘behave as drumkit’ which would enable this style of input.

What radian says about a post-input clearup is nice too. Elegantly simple, and more portable if you wanted to do it to different sections of your track/other instruments than just drums.

Maybe this topic is related to the Track Grouping topic.
Hmmm… difficult. :unsure:

I think that these methods are a bit temporary solutions.
Of course it would be nice if we have a post-input clearup, but only by it, we cannot solve other problems about Drum-input.

Currently, we cannot;

  • Column(Track)-Lock for realtime input
  • Routing DSPs to each part of Drum (kick, snare, hihat, etc), altough we already can do this when we play the multi-out Drum vsti. (if we can do Track-Lock, this routing problem will be solved)

But I guess that Track-Lock may be difficult to implement, since we cannot input data to multi tracks at the same time.(though actually I don’t know about this because I’m not a programmer)
So I think it would be good if we have a temporary drum editing window like danoise’s image in the Track Groping topic. We can input drum play on there intuitively, then the data are copied to each track(column) automatically.

How about?? Though the thought is becoming bigger a bit… :rolleyes: