Complete Novice - Where To Start?


I’ve had the Renoise trial for a little while, but until tonight, have done nothing with it. My initial reaction was “AAHHH!!” close, but now I’m starting to see the light (and finding the ‘desire’ to use it, I imagine, is the first step to getting on with it).

Now, I’m just wondering where the best place to start would be? A particular area? I know nothing about hex, for example, or any of what is involved. I’ve just been pressing buttons and seeing what results I get, not the best approach in this case.

I apologise if this has all been asked before, but I’m just wondering which specific areas I should look into, to slowly get on well with Renoise.

If you could help, that would be fantastic.



hi and welcome, the tutorial section is your Bible :)

on the left side menu you will find many introdutory topics. I also suggest to study other people’s songs such as the demosongs and tutorials included into the installation pack.

and… err… by the way, the first thread of this forum section is this:rolleyes:

Oh…right, haha.

Well, thanks a lot anyway!