All I gotta say is that the new update is so good. Thank you guys for putting so much time and effort into this program. 2.7 alone just whooped the music IDE world. Basically when you buy Renoise you get Recycle and Halion now lol. I can’t believe how complete this suite is now, you guys are gonna get really popular really fast I can tell. This update actually makes the big NAMM stuff look like a joke in most respects now. At least for sequencing. For $80? I can’t believe it lol.

Congrats and much respect to you and the people who make Renoise possible.

Agreed 100% - At this rate the teams gonna need a compliments subforum in here soon. :walkman:

i thought this was the compliments thread?

It’s just perfect, Renoise 2.7 is the perfect weapon…
I’m french and i produce HipHop music in france for 15 years,
I used Fasttracker 2, Cubase, Acid, FL studio, Logic for make beats and protools for record vocal, scratch…
Since Amiga 500+ with Startrecker i allway use tracker but Renoise is my danw dream…Hold school and new school like me
i love it