Composing For Video With Renoise In Windows/Linux?

Fairly straightforward; I apologize if this has been answered, I did a quick search and didn’t see anything applicable.

On linux, I assume the only way to compose to video using Renoise is with a JACK-enabled video player, such as xjadeo?

How about Windows? Are there any particularly great options as far as enabling video sync for composing using Renoise?

Thanks in advance!

no idea, but I’m interested too.

I did this using renoise, it was painful the way I did it.
Real painful, took like 4-5 hours getting everything together researching what to use and getting it on YT.

-I have seem to have forgotten how to embed YT links.

For Windows, you’ll find Resolume, which is MIDI automatable (use a virtual MIDI interface between Renoise and Resolume).
The software is really powerful, but a bit expensive…

this seems like it might work:

not sure though, I’m in OSX at the moment.

just tried it (videovst) = super buggy.

ah, Reaper.

looks like it can do avi, wmv, quicktime, mpeg.
licensing stuff looks somewhat similar to Renoise.

it doesn’t work for me with renoise in OSX 64bit & reaper64bit, would be cool if it did.
rewire crashes like it’s getting paid to.
-but it works in win7 64bit and reaper x64.
I would imagine it would work in xp pretty well.

-Yeh! working nicely, watching 2010 with one of my renoise songs as the soundtrack.
The pattern position in renoise is determining the location in the film, so having a pattern looped is looping the playback of the film. Not bad at all, may need to buy a license.

I’d really like to avoid buying an entire new DAW for video playback/sync, lol.

Apparently xjadeo does a pretty decent job (on linux), so I’ll have to give that a shot and let you guys know how it works.

Otherwise, looks like on Windows it’s all about tracking down a video VST, like the one you mentioned.

seems like it could work, I found a binary for osx and it does work, not with renoise OSX, but it does work. Probably much better in Linux.
Read something just now at the bottom of the osx binary qjadeo:

how it can send & recieve OSC, not really sure where this is happening, the config file .xjadeorc seems to be hiding from me.

Buzz’s VST adapter includes a VST that loads and plays any video you can play with DirectShow.
( and yes, it works in Renoise as well as Buzz. )

I’m not sure what you mean by this? What works in Renoise as well as Buzz? The VST adapter, or the VST, or both?

And I assume you mean the Windows versions of both programs?

The VST “mediavst.dll” that comes with Buzz’s VST adapter works in Renoise.

Yes, it’s Windows only since it relys on DirectShow. ( and of course Buzz itself is Windows only. )

edit: btw; Reaper’s free trial version will also be useable for this, syned up to Renoise via rewire.

Interesting, thanks for the information, radian!

i tried this, for some unknown reason the timing does not work correct. for example: the movie at second30 is at other position if i start it at second 30, as if i start the song at second 0 (begin).
and its not a minor different, its 1 or 2 seconds. fatal for soundeffects.
i doesn’t know if it is faulted by renoise or reaper, but renoise really should have a streaming funktion for wavs and movies.

(yes, i converted the movie from divx to a raw avi container with keyframes at every second, i do this since 10 years and i can say: renoise is not so good for movie post production ;(
we demandend that since 8 years ;)

mediavst.dll crashed my renoise by trying to load a divx-avi.

I just looked at this, and as much as I can tell it’s spot on with current renoise win7 x64 reaper x64 using a divx file encoded with version 5.
Although, I’m uncertain how to look in Renoise deeper than a second.

I did a test with a selection in reaper from 17:03:500 to 17:04:500 and while watching Renoise’s time display it did look even going from 17:03 to 17:04.

yes, i have done this with renoise 2.1 , wxp sp2 and reaper, tried it short, looks good, and after 2 days of working i found out this strange behavior, which resulting in splitting of the tracks and rearranged them in vegas and do all sfx new.
so renoise is “only” good for the rough soundtrack.

Weird, syncs correctly for me.

Hm, haven’t had it crash yet, but I’ve been using Indeo codec.
Can you play a divx-avi in Winamp, vvvv or other DirectShow software?

I don’t have many hours experience with video editing and I hate to sound like mr obvious but, could you be having a codec issue, and is directx up to date? I use to have so many codec issues several years ago when I was using win2k and xp primarily, majority of the issues I was having were audio and video sync. Majority of renoise problems I was having back then was totally directx related. Also, are you using an AMD cpu?

@ radian

are you REALLY sure? for instance at second 60 reaper syncs exact everytime under all circumstances and playposition at 25 frames/second? you doesn’t can judge this with a music, you need soundeffects
over a minute long videotrack to check this out.
i’m very familiar with videoediting and codecs, because its a part of my job, since 10 years, but much
thanx for trying to help me !

yes. also in vegas, vlc, virtual dub, mplayer classic and smplayer (ah, and reaper;).
but to be exact i didn’t have installed buzz, in only extracted the dll and copied them in my vst folder.

@ choice

hm, i’m forced to be updated like hell, i’m composer for videogames, and the developmentsystems always need the latest stuff. (this suxx big big times!) in this i case i does not have used direct X for playing the sound, i have a asio system (hoontech dsp2000). i doesnt know if the videocodec used direct show or overlay, its not important, my hardware should be fast enough. (my old amd k2 @ 350 mhz was able to play
videos in sync with some audiotracks 10 years ago ;)
in vegas i never ever have had video-audio sync issues (vegas does not have own build in codecs, but its a videoediting system).
i have a Q6600 @ 4x3ghz ,4 gigs of ram and a ati 4850 with 1 gig of ram (this isn’t important, audio-video sync also have to work on a athlon xp cpu).
the problem might be the divX codec, but as i mentioned before, i reconverted the gotten wmv to a cineform avi with 1280x720 @ 25 frames/second.
8mb —> 194mb. the harddisc should be fast enough (samsung spinpoint f1, deactivated virtual memory, no virus scanners and so on.)

its not a major bug, but for me it seems not possible to get a frames exact timing with reaper and the videocodec. i also tryed to find out if it depends on channelload in renoise or some heavy harddisc reading
kontakt instruments, but i doesn’t found a real hint. sometimes its working exact, than stop, play and than
there is a variance in timing. for me it looks like that a) renoise does not send every frame a playposition or B) reaper does not can handle this with his videoplayer (i think second is most probable).

( to be exact: if i start renoise at playposition 0 it seems to sync most of the time exact, but if you
jump some patterns forward, stop, play and voila: the sync is a little bit out of order, 0.30-2 seconds i think. )

I’m using max msp to sync video with notes inside of a Renoise Track. That’s a more advanced topic, however my tool could be easily used to compose renoise music over a video, the video would have to be triggered at the beginning of the renoise track, someone could cue one note at the beginning of each patterns and each notes trigger a different part of the video so it’s always the right video at the right time and this would allow you to loop a single pattern, see that video looping and all… However, working with Max msp and hd video might be laggy, but you can always use a low quality version for the editing, as long as it has the same frame rate…

I’m having issues with my patcher at the moment, it takes too much resources even with low quality video, but if you guys are seriously looking for a free tool to do this kind of work with and are willing to give me feedback on how my patcher works and how I can improve it (features and UI-wise) I’d love to help you while working on my own side-project. What I mean is that this is one of my side project but I’m looking for an additional motivation to work on it. Tell me if you are interested.

Edit: this thread is semi-related: Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer