Conditional effect commands

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways that single patterns could be extended into multiple ones to allow for more efficient and/or experimental ways to sequence, and one of the biggest things I thought of was the idea of an “every” command, where if an identical pattern/phrase is played X amount of times, the line with the command is triggered, but is otherwise ignored. This on its own could allow for sketching out ideas much more quickly (picture using the command in a pattern, then rather than going through multiple duplicates and manually entering each variation, just quickly drag that pattern down the pattern matrix, and move on to something else) or even be used as a tool for generative music when used in conjunction with the Maybe command and possibly with phrases. I also found out that Elektron actually has a similar feature in there more recent boxes, but even more in depth. It’s a bit much to go over without turning this post into a wall of text, but this video explains them all very well.

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Agree, excellent video!

Glide can actually be used in the same way as the “1st” trig mode on the elektron.

I use that to sequence in small loops that play longer parts (phrases) which are only triggered once (with a Gxx command).

Would also love to have the every/nth note trigger options, for the same reason (working in smaller loops).

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