Confusing output of live midi recording...

1) I have one pattern with some triad (chord by three notes).
2) I want record (in realtime via midi) next pattern with some triad after it.
3) It will create new columns but it should use just that three from the first triad.

How Renoise should behave during live midi recording:
1) It should organize notes by pitch.
2) It shouldn´t create collumns when they are not needed.

Why i don´t like current behaviour:
When i make some chord progression and i switch one note for another (I have C-E-G and go to C-E-F), Renoise places note-off into the “G collumn” and then insert F note into new collumn.
But G and F should stay in the same collumn IMHO.
I find current behaviour little confusing and it takes me some time and thinking to reorganize all the notes as they should be(i wanna to have my projects clean, otherwise it is nearly impossible to edit chord progression recorded in realtime.) :unsure:

Do you think Taktik and other Renoise team members that this behaviour can be updated?
Or i am the only one that find output of live midi recording little confusing and unfriendly to non-realtime editing?

Thank you!


I made a tool that can reorder columns after recording. That might be of help

for this issue, see