Congrats on the new forum design!

Love the new design guys! :smiley:

There are a few glitches though. The Search bar is weird:


It should probably say “Search”. Also, when trying to post an image, the website was darkened like normal, but the window didn’t appear and I had to reload (and subsequently use img tags manually).

It’s also pretty bizarre that quotes don’t show the original poster, time, or a link.

Still though, the redesign is fantastic and was a long time coming.

the design is a bit too busy for me but welcome change nevertheless. gz!

I’m just glad you’re back.

​It was lonely out there. Cold, and dark.

​I was scared.

​I admit, I blamed you for leaving me.

​I made promises about what I’d do when you returned. At first, pretty promises. With kittens and flowers and cookies.

​Then the promises changed.

​I’m glad you’re back!

Sweet, you can filter the new posts page, by forum!
Wooooo :drummer:

Looking good, but where’s the shout box? Because I wanted to shout I got Renoise 4 years today! <3 <3 <3

Looks sweet, but i miss the stuff on the right side on the front page. :slight_smile:

I am little confused but it will get better i hope. Everything is too big, lot of spaces :slight_smile:

Looks cool :slight_smile:

Nice, but it seems the mobile version doesn’t work.

It’s a bit busy, but looking quite good. Glad the forum is back up!

Number of times I checked per day to see if the forums were back up? Way more than I care to admit.

Is there a restriction on profile pictures now? I’m not able to upload one, but I noticed some members have them, and some don’t.

Edit: Must be a permissions issue site-wide or something; even the manual has problems:

Hey devs congrats for this new design its very beautiful i like it ! But i got a question, why everything has to be a surprise with developpement ! You shut down the forum with the excuse of “We got a malware on the forum” But why ? Why just dont tell everybody, we are currently updating the site !

The same thing with renoise devellopement why just dont say : for the next version ww will work particulary on “This” and should be released in Aproximately between 1 to 3 month (By example) !

I respect all the work you are doing i just don’t get the point of hiding things to your own community

my vision is currently distorted as i have ingested copious amounts of wine, but i must say i do like the new ‘design’.

hopefully nobody was effected by any malware

The forum is not responsive any more ? it used to display fine on mobile devices.

Favicon doesn’t match :slight_smile:

Just posting to see if my avatar shows up on the front page.

@Tanooki: the malware infection was discovered recently, and pulsar took the forum offline as soon as it was confirmed.
Check this topic for more details:

It simply was a lucky coincidence that we had a new, more or less complete design ready on such a short notice, partly due to the work already being done on the new “content sharing” section of the forum (coming soon)

And everybody: keep the bug reports coming, there is still work to be done :slight_smile:

need icons look more renoisey :ph34r: