Convert MIDI CC to note data?

So I’m trying to accomplish what this guy is doing here. I want the touch strip on my keytar to be able to output a note value for C-3.

He is using the PIZ midi tools, but those don’t work in Renoise. I figure there HAS to be a way to do this. Would appreciate any kind of help. Willing to do whatever it takes to make this work in Renoise and not have to use another piece of software.

100% possible

Man, a bit over my head, so cool though. I downloaded the control_voc.xrns and am trying to make sense of it. I’ve never used any of these metas before, they seem so powerful.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. It looks like that noteoff and ktrk machine both are controlling the warp form which is controlling the cc-out?

So if I’m looking at this right it’s doing the opposite of what I want, using note data and converting it to CC data. How would I swap it around the other way?

Sorry, I think this can’t be done with meta devices. The other round example works, because you can use the inst.midi device to generate cc data. It can’t generate note data. You could only try to volume-gate some instrument by the cc data your controller provides.

Maybe it’s possible with some lua tool ala duplex. Maybe you can hook into somewhere, and translate the cc into note data. And IDK about how realtime-coolness would be provided. I can look into the renoise api when I find time for it.

Well thats disheartening. Moved from Buzz to Renoise for stability, lost a lot of features. Do you think it would be possible to get the piz midiconverter3 working in Renoise?

I’ve looked a bit into it, and it seems the renoise lua api is capable of hooking into midi input & translating via lua code to something else. Would be a bit of work, I’m not so much informed yet on the whereabouts, and…yeah. Such tool needs a lot of crafting to be fool-proof.

About the midi plugin vsts…I think renoise has no option for midi mangling plugin integration yet. I’m only used to linux, so I don’t know…if you could find means to wire up those plugins virtually before renoise midi input? On linux I can hook up stuff with programs before data even enters renoise. The lua tool would be an intrinsic-to-renoise option. But I’m a bit drunk right now, I guess this won’t happen too soon with my help. Would be humble help if any, I haven’t coded lua tools for renoise yet, but I wish to look into it.

Aside this: what kind of data does that axe actually send? I think I’ve understood you have a pressure strip, and you want to map a single note trigger to pressure being applied to it. So it does send midi cc…how does it send? I.e. does it send zero when no touch is, and some number when a spot on it is hit? Does it register pressure? To implement note-offs there’d need to be a distinguition between touch and off. If position maps to cc data you could even map some parameter to slide on, or discretize the range to access multiple notes.

Even if these piz tools does not currently represent a Renoise native solution, you could always hook up your controller to some external program and use MIDI loopback.

It should be trivial to patch something together in PD that does this thing.

(and yes, of course possible in lua - and by extension Duplex too. But Duplex does not have an application that does this sort of thing, it needs to be written first)

That would be a good excuse for me to get started in lua. Where would you recommend someone start a project like that? I used to do a lot of xml/html/css scripting so I’m not a TOTAL noob.

Big thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

Sorry for the false hope…but there must be a way!

I though that because I could send the data one way, it would surely be possible to do it the other way.

A small pd/maxmsp patch will do this

I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to PD/MAX . I may be able to do what I want with Bomes MidiTranslator, still trying to work it out.

Quite honestly now I’m looking into re-wiring a couple of the pads into momentary switches on the handle. I almost feel like it would be easier and more flexible for me. Also trying to figure that out…

I bought the keytar because a lot of fans have said they wish I wasn’t stuck behind keyboards the whole show. I really feel like if I could trigger one or two notes from my left hand (root note in lower octave) I could play a lot of my leads way easier.