MIDI NOTE TO CC: Is it possible??

I have a warp factory vocoder, which takes cc`s to alter the pitch

Sending MIDI CC`s to it from a keyboard would almost give me a new analogue monosynth!

I can make a PD/MaxMSP patch to do this standalone, but I would really like to do it within Renoise.

Any ideas how?

It’s probably quicker to patch, but you could:
Make an instrument and use the phrase editor to send CCs on each note.

Ah yeah, thats one way of doing it. Id like to be able to play it with the keyboard though…

Just realised I will also need to send a 0 CC message to trigger a pretend note-off, but not so bothered about that atm

Use a scriptable midi filter app? For Linux there are some, python or some custom script. Don’t know about Windows or Mac. Just began to investigate this to be able to turn CC into (statc)note+(dependant on cc)vel for the velocity tracker automation trick, or use finetuned velocity curves. Maybe even with a duplex/lua tool in renoise itself - why not? External midi filter app seems less work and more straightforward to me, though.

Maybe even with a duplex/lua tool in renoise itself.

Thats probably the only option, cant be that complicated - but maybe quicker to make a MaxMSP standalone

Midi bind with a specific output range>*Instr. Midi control value sliders routed to the same CC>Vocodor CC

Get different results if you set it to either gate/vel/switch

You are limited to 127 values though of course

(not a keytracker, as you don’t have note offs in there)

yep, keytracker -> midi control…

But how do the CC commands exactly work? Couldn’t find info on this. Like raw CC number = midi key, with 0 being off?

yep, keytracker → midi control…

But how do the CC commands exactly work? Couldn’t find info on this. Like raw CC number = midi key, with 0 being off?

Amazing! Page 15 of the notes here, Note 1 http://thesnowfields.com/manuals/warpfactoryuserman.pdf

F0-C3 is MIDI CC 1 to 125

0 turns off the waveform pitch off, which will work as a “note off” this is gonna be MEGA its a format analogue synth waiting to happen :smiley:
Thanks people

Control it like this? Try attachement, config second instrument midi to output to the box, use first inst to play pitch in the only track with the devices (gating/noteoff needs a dc sample to work).

I’d love to hear sounds with ultraglitchy 25 cent steps portamento or pitchbend in action. Would be easy to implement. :badteethslayer:

Thanks Oopsfly, I did get it working yesterday, will try your patch now.

It needs a trigger sound to as well as the pitch information, which adds an extra element, because the shape of that sound is what modulates the pitch. Using this keytracker C0 acts as the note off the same way a note off normally works in renoise. Will update with some examples soon

oh, my patch is just some draft to show how you can track pitch with keytracker and have note-off working as cc zero as well. Via a gating sample and signal follower in the track, as the keytracker won’t register noteoffs. You could even expand this to make it register not only the gating, but a volume adsr/envelope from instrument modulation at once, i.e. to controll another cc. Also the quatertone resolution calls for some porta or bend action like mad!

Yep, Vocoders usually need a modulator sound. It’s hard to make a single synth in renoise out of this though, as you can’t have an instrument that will playback two instruments in two channels at once? It will vastly depend on how you’d like to setup the sound in a usecase vs how you really want to do it. I’d say another modulator channel, with independant sounds. If I understood right.

If you need any help w/ coding formula device logics for a specific usecase I’ll gladly help out, as long as you put up a video or sound file of that baby in action. I’m bored enough most of the time. Was sad enough to only monitor the cc’s in the midi view without getting any sound…

Cheers man, thats good of you. I’d l;ove to know how to program more stuff in Renoise. All I know how to do properly is make Guru presets!

I’d like to make something like guru that can be automated…will definitely post something over the weekend. I just got a minibrute so I’m a little distracted

Here’s what it looks like at the moment…might take a little bit of tweaking

At first I’m sending white noise, and varying the volume. It triggers with almost no sound, but I like the white noise combo. Look out for the note offs they work really well. Later on I use a bass tone pitched to middle C.

With the sample and the midi being sent at the same time, you can play it like a normal instrument.

Pretty sure this could not be done in any other daw :walkman: