Converted To The Hex Side

yeah, Hi and stuff…!

So, in the spur of the moment, well, not exactly the moment, rather a moment, anyways, so I’m trying to quit smoking, and after not smoking for nearly two hours I bought myself Renoise as a ‘live long without cancer’-gift, not exactly sure why, maybe I am influenced, maybe I’m not, maybe it’s because BotB made me do it, taking my teddybear hostage and yelling in a psychotic voice ‘TO DROP THE FRUIT AND USE TEH HEX’, or maybe that didn’t happend,… not smoking is making me hallucinate…

Anyhooooowww… I have no fucking idea how renoise works, I made some wannabe breakcore yeeeaaaars back with the renoise demo and recording my soundcards output to empeethree (128kbps FTW), that was pretty fun though. lately (like 4 years) I’ve been studying the arts of the Fruity Loops and actually created listenable dubstep/othercrap with it, but after 1 year of collabing with BotB, and his eternal whining about renoise, hex and whatnot, and AFTER he showed me how to automate cutoff LFO frequencies WITHOUT drawing extremy irritating big automation patterns with the FUCKING HAND AND NO FUCKING POSSIBLE WAY TO USE EXACT AMOUNTS I thought fuck it, Ill buy it, Ill use it and if it sucks I can always use the disc to slice some poor kids throat…

So, HI! I’m the new guy!

Welcome aboard dear collegue, your soul belongs to the Gods of Hex now!

welcome aboard.enjoy the hex

welcome !

good job jordy ! :D

hiyah, wise choice, wise gift!
I quit 4 weeks ago, and was scared like hell I couldn’t have a ‘cozy time’ with renoise and meh cigarettes anymore, that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the process fully anymore, and all that crap.
however, even if that still in certain moments feel partly true :ph34r:, it feels on the other hand aaawesome to sit for hours making music, WITHOUT being in the constant Death Fog :D

hang in there!

i enjoy renoise and i enjoy my cigarettes :drummer:

What disc?

what no box?

anyways, thanks for the warm welcome and stuff :slight_smile:

oh, and after having a phone conversation with the must stupid user EVER I really felt the urge to smoke, and so I did, makes me feel a happy panda

c-c-combo breaker (((=

except in hex?

Except in France

Roffadam FTW!

hahha! jwt!

Smoking is bad, except if crack.

Welcome to the darkside!


uhhhh, What’s Hex?


Spoken like a true Montreal-er! lol!! ;p


Hex was like that uber darkside super secret ninjapower? right? rrrright?


Well I like Renoise but hate HEX. I’m just waiting for the simple interface change that would enable to user to choose between hex display or plain old numbers. I wonder if the dev’s realize how much this would open the software up to PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT PROGRAMMERS!

There could also be a Renoise that only used hieroglyphics, and I’m sure it would really catch on with the Egyptian archaeological circles that listen to and write electronic music… but I think regular numbers are more accessible to oh… EVERYONE!

i understand what you mean but do you realy like to type things like



for me, hex is much faster. atleast 1 sign per line :D

Trust me Hex is actually a LOT of an easier way of working and worth putting in the little effort it takes to learn. At least for the vast majority of things where you will be using devisers that are multiples of 4.

256 would still have to be kept as the total range, even if decimal was given as an option in pattern effect.

255 (0-255 is 256 possibilities) = FF

Say you wanted an eighth of the total range.

Decimal: 256/8 = 32. You’ll get there but maybe have to calculate. Pretty easy anyway.
Hex: As we are working with neat divisions most of the time think of 1/16th as being 10. 1/8th = 2/16ths = 20

Now say you had something a little more complicated and wanted 7/16th.
Hex: We know every 16th is 10 so instantly, without having to even think about a thing, instantly know that the answer is 70.
Decimal: Actauly having to think now. 1/16 is 16, so 16 x 7 = … Pulls out calculator as feeling lazy… 112.

Say you want to do a stretch across 16 patterns (or 8 or 32) using 09xx command. With hex you know each pattern is going to end/start with 00, 10, 20 … F0 (00, 20, 40… E0 or 00, 08, 10, 18 … F8 in other examples) whereas for decimal you have got quite a few number, which may become second nature over time, but Hex truly is an easier and more obvious way to work!