Cool Browser Experiments

Made to show the performance of the java engine in google chrome.

Chrome was such huge disappointment after all the hype. Nothing new and no reason to switch from Firefox to it.

I’m actually switching to Opera now… I’ve been having such aweful performance issues with other browsers, that I decided to look up some benchmarks on browsers, and found out that Opera has significantly lower resource uses than the rest of the major ones.

I wouldn’t spend too much time reading or trusting tests. In real-life situations the differences between major browsers in speed for example are non-existant. What counts more are features, overall performance and such things. When Chrome was released I read a testreport where they claimed Chrome was way faster than Firefox, none of my friends nor me found any proof of that. And even if it would have been, Chrome would still lack in all other areas so it would be a moot point.

there is a new browser called “iron” it´s based on chromium source.

it is as fast as chrome, looks the same but doesn´t have all the security problems the google browser still has!

check it out for yourself, it´s 4 free B)

No problem - Opera wins in all of those regards on paper and in practice. Oh, and it has done so since the year 2000, give or take, and that most people don’t use it just means most people suck :P

i wish netflix playnow would fix their schtuff so it would work in opera.

Well I compared the java performance of chrome and Opera, which I use daily with some of those demos.
Chrome seems to be atleast about 25% faster.

Try creating a huge amount of balls and compare.

When is this important? When you run webbased applications.

The recent competition:

"The Pwn2Own competition challenges security experts to exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers, and after the first day of the contest, Google Chrome is the only browser left standing.

Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, on the other hand, were all handily exploited by the hackers. In fact, Safari was apparently exploited in a matter of seconds."…pwn2own-contest

Don´t know if this says more about the available information on the different browsers though.

Safari though has the best support for the latest CSS.
I love Firefox for its plugins and its quite good CSS support, Opera is slick also quite good CSS support and has some great customization options. I have lots of different search fields in my Opera, but sometimes it freezes on me.

IE 8 or lower is crap and should be avoided like plague.

Well, I was partially joking. I’m just bitter because Opera ruled since 2000, since 3.xx or so… and people were just too lame for it. In a world that makes some sense, Opera would have 80% market share and the web would suck much, much less as a direct result of that.

Chrome will never be as configurable as Opera. It’s not a matter of time or developers, but politics. I’m talking out of my ass here, but still then again that’s how I make all my decisions… Opera seems to be made up of actual engineers, and much, much less slimy clowns than are even at Google, not to mention Microsoft… just because of that I might even be using it if it didn’t rock so much!

I wish Renoise could be more like Opera and less like [whatever]… .ini powah! sigh

You mean pseudo-games. I’m not saying it’s not faster in other tests as well, but this one is more like funny than insightful…

I see that is getting some love from :slight_smile:
Amiga Workbench Emulator

mumbles, shakes his fist, falls over


that is rad rad rad.

oh, and that one is running perfectly in Opera with Renoise playing the tune I’m currently working on.

I can’t compare to Chrome because that doesn’t run on Win2K. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I AM SO BITTER. :P

But I’d still rather bet on Opera to implement tabs that run in their own threads, than on Chrome ever coming anywhere close in all those little details.

the only real thing that bugs me about Chrome is how when i close a tab it closes all together. would be good if it would implement the funtion Opera has in that it puts you back to the page map thing, speed dial like in Opera.

also, the fact Chrome only runs on XP and vista, is a real turn off, since of course Opera runs on everything Major.

I had not thought about it until now but, is google gearing up for a non free version of chrome?

Highly unlikely. Who’d want to pay for a browser? Could be I’d buy it if they made one for the Xbox360. :)

same reason why they charge 400 dollars for a 1 year subscription to google earth pro.

Actually I’ve noticed significantly less resource usage from opera… it’s allowed me to be more productive in Renoise because I’m no longer having to deal with my browser tabs sucking up all my resources whilst sitting idle.

I’m a developer. I trust benchmarks more than hype:…ison-chart.html

That said, it’s possible they faked the data… but I’ve personally noticed a difference since I’ve switched.

Incidentally, here’s my own browser experiment of sorts… a theme I found for wordpress that turns my website into a commandline interface:

Interestingly enough, it DOESN’T work in chrome :(


in response to:

I’ve been using IE(7) and Firefox for years and had about the same performance from them… Firefox a bit more sluggish in some cases, now after trying Opera for a few weeks I really think Opera is faster… not drasticly but still noticable. Thanks BYTE-Smasher & Johann!

Don’t miss any Add-ons in opera, since it has much more functionality then any other browser.

Why should i install firefox + 20 addons with more resources to get the same result ?

Imho Opera >> all.

And no discussion of how many “Features” Mozilla / IE had copied from Opera already.

Opera Pioneer.
Firefox copies from Opera
IE copies from Firefox