Copy Sample Between Wavelab And Renoise


Just one thing that comes to my mind.

What about possibility to cut / copy / paste samples or part of the samples from Steinberg WaveLab and Renoise?

Also working with large samples is much faster in WaveLab than Renoise. Each time I cut or delete part of the sample, Renoise writes: “generating undo…” and it takes too long. I believe WaveLab has different approach to samples: it generates non-destructive waveform based on original sample and when you cut part of the sample, it does not generate UNDO but just cut waveform graphics and you are playing virtually parts of the sample. I believe this is how it works and after you save the sample [and it takes longer] you will have new sample based on waveform data… I hope I explained well & you know what I mean :)

You can!

Really? It would be fantastic!

How? It does not work here…

It pastes something empty in sampler… Maybe I have something in my memory running in the background that blocks copy/paste? But I can not see what?

You are on Windows yeah? <May be a silly assumption on my part as Clipboard sharing is only supported for Windows.

Wavelab is only available on Windows.
djNick:Try to find if you can do some “Paste special” or “Paste system clipboard” in WaveLab, i think you need to make WaveLab aware it has to copy the system clipboard contents. It probably pastes its internal clipboard by default.
If WaveLab does not support the system-clipboard, then you are out of luck.

haven’t tried it here, but maybe it is a asio card issue? Having one program locked with asio, disabling copying of sample content?

Windows clipboards have nothing to do with audio drivers in use.

Thought I remember Wavelab being Windows only then thought it can’t be, being a big Steinberg product, but didn’t check. Personally always much preferred Soundforge and it works no problems with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from that (and Wavosaur and Audacity.)

It also works in Cool Edit/Audition.

Well it seems that only WaveLab5 and 6 don`t support standard copy/paste clipboard :( Pity. Copying samples from Soundforge10 and pasting to Renoise works great, really! But I use WaveLab for all kinds of recording [just due to its fast interface and my knowledge]… But even I love Wavelab more over Soundforge, it seems that only SF saves formats [ogg, mp3, wavs] etc - all standardized to all other platforms [I had lots of problems to load samples for Unity3D engine while working on iOS games with waves saved from Wavelab than SF].

The reason I asked this is - clipboard [standardized] works the same as on images on Windows. For example - copying image from Word document does not work Copy from Word and past into Photoshop - to copy image in its full [original] resolution, I have to open Windows Paint program, copy selected image from Word document, paste it to Painter and then copy from Painter and paste to Photoshop. Then image appears all well.

I suppose there is some inbetween sound program that will allow me to copy Wavs from WaveLab to that program and then from that program to Renoise… ? :)

If you can copy between Wavelabs and any other audioprogram, i help you hope it exists, but i very much doubt it.
There are not many ways to copy data between two applications. Sometimes applications simply prohibit data exchange these ways for copyright matters: either for the license of the audio program itself or for the fact that people may attempt to circumvent DRM signed audio being blocked for loading and processing and then simply attempting to import that data through means like the clipboard space.
It is far sought, i’ll admit, but i have no other slighest clue why Steinberg would leave out such kind of functionality.

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