Copy sample from Wavelab... and...

Hi guys

What would be fantastic is to have possibility to do:

  • Copy sample from WaveLab [v5, v6, v7+?] and
  • Paste into Renoise sample editor.

What are chances to do so? I guess sampling buffer is not standard as text buffer [so you can cut, copy and paste simple texts between editors with ease]…

If you look at Ableton, they have a similar function. It has a button for “external wave editor”. When you have a sample or loop selected you can edit it with an executable file you set-up in general settings. When you save or close the file in the editor, the file is released in Ableton again.

I think it’s nice and convenient, but ableton is worse at editing wavefiles. Renoise has a toolbox available that is more than sufficient for regular tasks. If I need to dive in deeper I open the editor just as easily.

You can already do this, at least on Windows. Renoise has access to the system clipboard and if you copy the contents from a third party sample editor and hit paste in the Renoise Sample Editor you will paste in whatever you copied from WaveLab/SoundForge/Audition/Wavosaur/etcetcetc

on mac with audacity that doesn’t seems to works :blink:

I would have to trawl the forum but I think I remember in the past Mac being the only operating system that for some reason it wasn’t possible. System clipboards work for this definitely in Windows and I think in Linux so it is a feature Renoise supports to the best of its ability. Maybe some vocalisation from yourself and others using OSX might prod the devs into looking to see what the barrier getting it working on this system was in the past…

maybe no Linux. At least not in January 2010. And seems unlikely there will be a way to do it for OSX as it doesn’t use a standard, system clipboard.

Well at least that’s what the old thread says ;)/>/>

And DJ Nick. It was you who asked this last time and we told you it was already possible… Well at least possible on all platforms where there is a clipboard standard to utilise.

Ohh yes that was me long time ago. I obviously forgot that I asked similar question, sorry :)

Well it seems that only WaveLab5 and 6 don`t support standard copy/paste clipboard :( Pity. Copying samples from Soundforge10 and pasting to Renoise works great, really! But I use WaveLab for all kinds of recording [just due to its fast interface and my knowledge]… But even I love Wavelab more over Soundforge, it seems that only SF saves formats [ogg, mp3, wavs] etc - all standardized to all other platforms [I had lots of problems to load samples for Unity3D engine while working on iOS games with waves saved from Wavelab than SF].

The reason I asked this is - clipboard [standardized] works the same as on images on Windows. For example - copying image from Word document does not work Copy from Word and past into Photoshop - to copy image in its full [original] resolution, I have to open Windows Paint program, copy selected image from Word document, paste it to Painter and then copy from Painter and paste to Photoshop. Then image appears all well.

I suppose there is some inbetween sound program that will allow me to copy Wavs from WaveLab to that program and then from that program to Renoise… ? :)