copy specific notes to new track

hey guys,

is there a tool that’ll let me copy specific notes from one track to another? i have a single track playing a sliced break & i want to split it up into kick, snare & hat tracks. since it’s sliced, each note plays a different break slice so i’d like to copy specific notes only. i thought maybe i could achieve this with advanced edit tools but no such luck it seems (unless i’m missing the obvious?).


The split track tool, no idea how that worked? Can’t quite remember if someone has written something like it, but there is the find and replace tool, would be possible to edit it a little to make it delete everything but what you are searching for.

However if this is a one time occurrence, you might as well do it buy hand.

You can look for Dblue’s edit of Ledger’s Reorder Notes By pitch tool, it will stick each note into it’s own column (renoise has a 12 note column limit though) and you could pick out the column you need.

just tried the split track tool but it splits all notes into separate tracks, i just want specific notes.

never mind, it’s just a one off so i’ll do manually (serves me right for not being organised from the start ;))



Interestingly I advocated for a similar (or the very same) feature not long ago: