Couple Quick Suggestions

just thought of a couple things that would make my life easier…

i’d like to be able to assign hotkeys to navigate the sample window. for instance, if i have to normalize a group of samples within an instrument, i have to keep finding the tiny window with my mouse to select the next sample. also, it would be cool if there were a hotkey for the “+” button in the sample window- i often need to load 30 or 40 samples into an instrument and again the mouse motion is tedious.

it would also be helpful if renoise would record the state of caps lock when first loaded and restore that state whenever focus is lost.


capslock is set to operate as a value-key in the default renoise keybinding, not a toggle. i would think that the state is pretty irrelevant. is it more of a cosmetic issue?

Sorry there are no hotkeys yet for navigating the sample section of an instrument.
For now I find it better to use the mouse scrollwheel to select next sample, then clicking the +/- buttons.

You can however load several samples at once. Just use ctrl/shift to select several samples in the browser, then drag/drop the selection on to the sampleslots in the instrument window.

btw… you can now also resize the instrument slot window. Move mouse to the far right of that green line.


my reasoning is that if you are, for example, tracking while carrying on an IM conversation, YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF TALKING IN ALL CAPS.



thanks, i hadn’t notice this. it helps.

hotkeys would still be nice though


i like to keep my hands on the keyboard while i work too. i like the idea of keyboard shortcuts for selecting the current sample

The caps-lock idea is not a bad one. I’ve logged into forums several times after a nice Renoise-session and then going “what the hell?” when being rejected access. And then finding OUT IM TYPING THE CASE-SENSITIVE PASSWORD IN ALL CAPS. ;)

as I don’t want to start a new thread I’ll hijack this one with a quick wish I have for the Instrument editor section.

It has probably been requested before, but I’d like to be able to specify the length of an envelope in seconds instead of (or next to) what is implemented right now (-> which is a variable length if you change the speed in your song). thnk you, goodnight.

The caps lock thing has caught me out a few times, but there is a little light on your keyboard which can help you out with this ;)

Its not massively annoying, but a fix would be perfect.

hmmm… that would have to work kind of like ‘beatsync’ wouldn’t it. since one is relative to speed/tempo and the other isn’t.

i like being able to have my envelopes adjust to changes in song speed ;)

Out of curiosity, do you guys look at the screen while you type or do you spend more time “hunting and pecking”, ie. looking at the keyboard while you type?

The capslock thing really isn’t a problem if you can watch the screen while you type, because you can immediately see WHEN YOU’RE DOING THIS and fix it :)

But overall I agree, it would be nice if Renoise could somehow remember the capslock state from Windows when you switch back and forth, so that what you’re doing in Renoise doesn’t affect what you’re doing in Windows.

thats what i said. basically ;)

I just found a workaround for this that works for me. Using the registry editor, you can change the Caps-Lock to a normal Shift-key. That way using Caps-Lock in Renoise isn’t gonna affect the state of Caps-Lock.

Goto: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout
Either doubleclick the binary value “ScanCode Map” or create it if it doesn’t exist.
Enter the following series: 00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,2a,00,3a,00,00,00,00,00
Reboot Windows XP.

Found the tip here.

Came to this thread looking exactly for a solution to this “problem”. And since I don’t use Windows, that registry trick won’t work.

I’ve been thinking about this “issue” and it’s not as straightforward as just saying ‘restore the key to the state it was before launching Renoise’, because as someone else said, nowadays you “multitask”. So maybe you fired up Renoise, then inserted two notes off with caps lock (which leaves caps lock == OFF), then went to another application, and pressed caps lock there too (and left it as ON). If you now return to Renoise and LEAVE Renoise, it shouldn’t “turn off” caps lock, even though if that was the initial status it found.

So I don’t know if it’s possible to do this, but the ideal thing would be to intercept the pressed key event, and act accordingly (insert the note off), but then ‘cancel’ the rest of the “keypress” event, so that it wouldn’t get through to the operating system or whatever part of the system is in charge of turning leds on.

But maybe that’s part of the very keyboard firmware, so it might be undoable :D

In any case I think using the “tilde” key would be ok too; if I remember correctly it’s what Impulse Tracker used for note cut offs (and they also had note offs!)

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