Covid-19 (Corona virus)

In Norway we had a doctor who came home from vacation in northern Italy with symptoms. He called it in to his superiors and asked if he should stay at home and get tested. He was told it wasn’t necessary and that he could go to work as normal, just to spread the disease to his patients and collegues.
It’s so stupid, i have no words…


It is an hoax to believe western medicine has any cure for viruses. So far, there isn’t any. So the government cannot do anything except quarantining people. But this is like a sisyphus’ work, since the virus is spreading over the air. Hard to control something that you cannot even see.

They are working on a vaccination, this is all what can be done realistically.

If there were millions of infections in your country, then I would agree wearing a mask could help.

This virus will not disappear so quickly anymore. You will have to adapt to this simple fact. So do you want to wear a mask until a vaccination will appear? It can take years…

Surely it would be interesting to know how this could happen. As far as I know, most new viruses actually are created in the mass factory animal farming. Which seems to be pretty logical. But in a capitalistic focused system, there is no such a thing like a responsibility. This also is a symptom of this sick system.

Precautionary mask wearing can be more about increasing the time it takes for the virus to become endemic. If mask wearing helps in any percentage at reducing infrection/cross infection, that means less critical cases all at once for the medics to deal with. You can get a ton of secondary systemic breakdown if lots of people get ill at the same time. Dealing with 1 million cases over a month is very different to dealing with 1 million cases over 6 months.

re. where the virus came from, yes it would be very interesting to know where it came from. I guess we may never know, but this sort of viral outbreak seems to be the modern risk, where modern sewage, sanitation and water treatment aren’t sufficient to contain/eradicate.

I don’t think this is the case, but it is true for multiresistent bacterias which comes from large scale use of antibiotics in farm animals.
I think a virus can mutate in any animal though, potentially making it harmful to people.

Oh ok, maybe I mixed it up. I thought, due a lot of reinfection over and over again, also with viruses, the mutation rate of the virus is highly increased in animal farming. But now I read its a bat.

I’m trying to fathom what a virus really is, but the more i read the more questions i get…

Today Tuesday, more than 150 infected in Spain (more than 30 added in one day).

I just want to make a couple of points to certain previous comments.

This virus does NOT spread through the air. If this were so, it would be really chaotic. Covir-19 spreads thanks to the proximity of an infected person, be it animal or person, that expels particles through the mouth when talking or when sneezing or coughing, because of tears as well. The virus cannot travel thanks to the air. You need an impulse or deposition. That is, to spread, you need the infected person to be less than 2 meters from you, and have the luck that spits you or coughs directly.

The virus can also survive a few hours deposited on objects, where a infected person has deposited their sneeze, cough, or tears (maybe sweat?). That’s why it’s important to wash your hands with soap or alcohol. We touch things with our hands.

On the other hand, the governments of each country can do many things, in addition to the quarantine itself.

  1. Inform properly and properly to the population.
  2. Supply and strengthen your health system. This is basic.
  3. Quickly investigate the cases of confirmed people, study their itineraries and limit possible derivative cases. That is, work directly with possible problems.
  4. Take local measures, such as quarantine, provided it is technically justified. It is useless to quarantine a population, if it has been two weeks since the virus is spreading.

About the masks. The masks should only be worn by people with medical (respiratory) problems or infected by the virus, or people who have been traveling in high-risk places, such as Italy, Iran, South Korea, China itself and other countries Where cases are growing. Obviously the doctors if it is appropriate.

That millions of people now wear a mask is even ridiculous and anti-productive.

Here in Spain there are cases that, people who need a mask to be able to live (sick people), cannot buy them. It’s the world upside down. This is the responsibility of governments. Report correctly to the population.

On the other hand, the population has a lot of responsibility here. The behavior of the population is a key point to stop a virus.

Finally, this kind of virus is seasonal. Probably in summer, when they do 30 or 40 degrees, they simply cannot survive. Here in Spain, in June, July, August, we will be in summer. In this station the virus will not be. That is why it is important what happens in March, April and May. Especially in mass events, sports, festivals, local parties etc.

By treating cases properly (health system) and thanks to the summer season, this virus can even disappear from many areas.

About treatments and vaccines. There are already more or less effective treatments so that the virus is not so serious for weaker people. The rate in Spain, at the moment is 0 dead. This is possible thanks to the sanitary system. There is no vaccine, which is a preventive method (before having a virus, not after). Probably, before the end of this year, there will be a specific vaccine for this virus (already properly tested).

In Iran, many people have already died from the virus. It is because they do not have an adequate sanitary system. This is the responsibility of the government.

So the government of each country can do many things, not only quarantine the population, when technically justified by the health system. Everything else is out of place.

I think this is what commonly is meant by “spread thru the air”. A virus which is “spread thru the air” needs (body) liquid to survive and won’t simply blown by wind or something.

Precisely because of this type of “expressions” you have many people buying masks indiscriminately. In these kinds of problems, it is necessary to explain well what really happens.

Oh ok misunderstood :smile:

Too early to be confident in any percentages, plus the fact that this is an average of uneven distribution. Not what I wanted to read today from WHO though:

We should prepare, not because we may feel personally at risk, but so that we can help lessen the risk for everyone. We should prepare not because we are facing a doomsday scenario out of our control, but because we can alter every aspect of this risk we face as a society.

Let’s not forget , it’s just a virus comparable to the flue , you will not barf up your intestines / vital organs
Just sweat it out …

One of the symptoms is caughing up blood though…


They say you can cure corona with lime, but i still think it tastes awful. How can you call that beer?

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The coughing up of blood ( assuming there is no underlying lung disease ) can be due to severe coughing .
Seriously , it’s a moderate virus , not deadlier than flue …if your in good condition you shouldn’t worry >
If you’re over 60- 80 and have lots of health conditions , then you should .

On current numbers mortality for the Corona virus is worse but still skewed to older people. Hopefully there is major under-reporting of mild cases and in reality the mortality is lower. It does sound a pretty rough ride if you get full blown pneumonia:


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28 now inn Berlin and counting.