As some of you probably noticed I was completely offline for some time. It was due to me hardworking to finally get myself something I was trying to get for the last four years. And finally, it’s here.

Yep, I bought a Yamaha CP300 stage piano. Now it’s time to return some money this beauty gave me to help with the purchase:

So, the instrument is here. Now I have to think of a studio :D

nice to see you back, Ambivalence!

I hope your new keyboard will satisfy you completely and at the same time will not prevent you from finishing XRNS-Lib ;)

It’s not a keyboard. It’s a piano :w00t: And uh, it safisfies me completely… to the point that I play it instead of learning for final exams. Maybe it was not such a wise idea to buy it before the passing ;)

But hey, life’s too short to defer the best things. I might as well be dead tomorrow. Who knows?

just out of curiosity,

what would be the difference between that yamaha you got and a cool piano vst Ivory ?

Uhh… :huh: Can you compare a real car to Need for Speed?
I guess the biggest thing is that you can’t actually phisically play the VST :blink:

CP300 is an instrument with a great weighted keyboard. The grand piano sample is also very good, to the point that it doesn’t remind you that it’s artificial when you play. It’s very good. Although I agree, Ivory is probably a great VST instrument and I could use it (other thing is that I don’t want to spend $350 on a VST currently) as a replacement of the internal grand piano sample. Probably Ivory even sounds better.

But CP300 is primarily an instrument. And it rocks :yeah:

Oh, and I guess Renoise Boards should have now a piano-player-banging-the-keys emoticon :w00t:

I can fully understand you. I am not really able to play any instrument, but I sometimes sit down playing my Radium-Midi-Keyboard with The Grand loaded. It is something totally different however to play a real piano or a really good instrument with weighted keys.

btw, I am kinda back too. Did not much music for the past months, but now a friend of mine who is a very good e-bass player moved back to town and I really want to get things going with him.