Crash opening old song (with Groove Pattern Effect automation)

Renoise 3.4.0 is crashing when trying to open an xrns file originally created in 2009. I had the file successfully running with Renoise 3.3.2 as recently as 03/15/2022 when i created a new version and replaced a vst synth I no longer have with Zebra2. Renoise 3.4.0 crashes if the file is opened from finder or internally using Renoise’s own browser.

I had a very similar problem a couple of years ago that was solved in this topic

Running Big Sur 11.6.5 on a 2018 Mac Mini.

[edit: log file removed]

Could you share the song with us so we can check what’s going wrong here? You can also PM me or write us an email if you don’t want to share the song with everyone here…

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Figuered out what the problem here is with the help of @centipus: There’s some ZG01 pattern effect automation in the song which makes Renoise 3.4 crash. This will be fixed in the next maintainace release.