► Renoise 3.4.2 & Redux 1.3.2 maintenance release


Registered Renoise and Redux users can download the update, as usual, from:
Renoise Backstage

Demo versions are available at the Renoise main site’s download page:
Renoise Demo Downloads




Thank You!

Thank you very much for the new update! I can confirm that the following issue has also been fixed in version 3.4.2.

Very happy about this!

Thanks Team!

So many bugfixes and so small increment version!
Thanks to devs, they are unreal.

Renoise stands out from the grey crowd of modern software.
"Modern" developers like: lets add round buttons, mix them, change their locations and increase version number from 99 to 100.

I found it’s beta?
Ok, after install version is final, only in backstage beta.

Thanks for the update! The Sidechain bug now is fixed. :+1:

Many THANX - what a great TEAM - bx_limiter works fine now !!!

thank you very much for this update! :smiley: :smiley:

Sweeettttt!!!Thanks :heart_eyes:

It was tagged beta by accident only. It’s a “final” version. Just have fixed this. Sorry for the confusion.

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Thanks for all the hard work and for keeping this lovely bit of software alive!

Awesome! Confirmed UVI Workstation VST3 now working!

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Yay I had noticed a few of these bugs, happy that they are already fixed!

In fact, you fixed every issue mentioned in that thread. Great work. Thank you.


The demo release for Linux was not filtered trough gzip but the file ending is still “tar.gz”. It is currently a plain POSIX tar archive which is not compressed.

I think this was not intended, because now it can’t be read by programs like Engrampa.

Kudos and thanks!

Oops. Indeed. Thanks for letting me know.

Just have fixed that and reuploaded the Linux demos.

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This is now fixed as well.

Many Thanks for this!!