Crash when auto-slicing a sample slice with keyboard shortcut

Renoise crashes when I try to auto-slice an existing sample slice. I’m using Renoise 3.4.1 on macOS Catalina, though I have been noticing this problem for a while.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  • Load a sample
  • Make at least one slice
  • Select the slice in the slice list
  • Auto-slice using the keyboard shortcut (by default, Cmd-J or Ctrl-J). The auto-slice button is disabled inside of slices so this is the only way to do it.
  • If Renoise hasn’t crashed yet, try undoing

Expected results:
Renoise claims it will delete all other sample slots and slice the current one.

Actual results:
Usually Renoise crashes. Sometimes it slices as expected and then crashes when I undo.

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Thanks for reporting. It should not be possible to auto-slice a selected slice. Only the master sample (the first one) can be sliced as it’s the reference sample for the following ones.

That’s also why the auto-slice option is disabled for all but the first sample. Please simply avoid doing this for now, and always slice the master sample instead.

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No problem. I suspected that might be the case!

Edit: I should add that this is what I meant what I said Renoise claims it’s possible: