Creating A Snare Fx Track

I like Reverb on my snare so i was trying to figure out a way to do it without having a separate track for each sample.
what i do is have two tracks one with the main drum pattern and the second i use to trigger a snare with a reverb effect on it with the dry setting set to 0
Does this make any sense what so ever? ad is it useful? let me know thanks.

What’s the reason you want them all in one track? What do you do if you want another effect on hihats or whatever? Again duplicate all the hihat notes to a new track? What happens if you decide to move one of your snare hits? You’ll always have to move your FX note, too. Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but I rather have all the samples in their own tracks, where I can apply effects independently. If you want to do what you do right now with all your drum samples, you’ll add one FX track per sample, and you’ll end up with even one more track. This, or I got something completely wrong… ;)

I think you can look into Groups and Sends and accomplish whatever you are doing here in a more efficient and flexible way.

Group your kick/snare/hat. Add a send device to your snare track(termed sub-track, child? dunno). Click ‘keep source’ on send device. Add reverb to send track. adjust to taste. etc.

This technique isn’t wrong, but it’s very FT2. Agreeing that groups will do what you want nicely.

Groups you say i shall try this now thanks

if you only want an individual snare in your pattern to be effected, use send tracks and turn the snare track send “on” “off” whenever you want reverb applied.

You can also make extra copies of the snare in the instrument list, render in the (reverb) effects in the sample editor using the fx button. You probably have to add extra silence in the copies first for the reverb tail to render out properly.

hseiken once posted a nice demo-xrns of this trick, but the link 404’s unfortunately: