Cross-platform compatibility for VSTs in XRNS files

It would be great to have cross-platform compatibility for VSTs in Renoise files. That is, I create a song using VST effects and instruments in Windows and then can load it on a Mac that has those same VSTs installed; and vice versa. Currently if you try this you’ll get “Can not find xxxx VST” errors even if they are installed.

I have no idea about the viability of doing this, and I imagine it’s incredibly complex. But if I recall correctly, I believe that Reaper can actually do this (will have to test this again to back up that claim).

No, it should work with most vsts. But some vendors use slightly different vst file names on OSX, for example MDA. In that case, you can(?) rename the plugin file under /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ , as far as I remember.

If renaming doesn’t work, you canalso rename the pluginname in the song file, change suffix to “.zip”, extract, see song.xml with text editor, search for the windows plugin name, rename accurately to the VST name in OSX dir. Then Zip again (without outer dir), rename suffix to .xrns again.

Wow fantastic advice!! Thank you Jurek!! I will have to try this!