CTRL + click & drag not work inside the phrases grid

This matter has been commented here:

W10, R3.2.0. The operation of [CTRL + click & drag] not work inside the phrases grid. Steps:

  1. Create a phrase.
  2. Press [CTRL + click & drag]. A symbol [+] will appear. Deposit in the next empty phrase slot.
  3. Problem: the cloning operation of the phrase does not work!

Drag and drop (without pressing CTRL) work correctly to sort the phrases.

@taktik. If you ever intend to improve the issue of handling phrases, it would be great to have an optional integrated framework to be able to read a list of all phrase names there. It would be a list of up to 126 names. There it would be easy to manage them:

  • Name of the phrase, and edit it.
  • Export or import multiple. Massive library management. Be able to select random phrase (not contiguous).
  • Clone (with drag).
  • Sort (with drag).
  • Add and erase.
  • There could even be additional information, such as the number of lines, the base note, etc.

An additional resizable framework could appear on the right of the phrases editor. A list similar to Sononym, perhaps?..