Cue For Mute

There are definitively different ways to use Renoise and the Pattern Sequencer is a big step forward to use Renoise live.

My preferred way to use Renoise is by creating only one Pattern, loop this and mute/unmute tracks.
I can also mute multiple tracks by routing them to one Slot , but what I really miss is a feature that
cues a track for mute. The idea comes actually from seq24 which has been made as a software-alternative to the Akai MPC, … hardware sequencers.

This feature means that the track is muted on the next loop/pattern … I mean, regardless if this is the same pattern that is looped or if I jump to another pattern.
This could be placed somewhere in the Midi-Mappings in Global Mappings -> Track Muting -> Mute/Unmute and there additionally “Track XX [Cue]”

This way you don’t have to use a big expensive Controller to mute Tracks in the next pattern to play, I simply could use the keyboard or f.e. a nanoKontroll.
It would be a very intuitive way to use Renoise in a live performance.

I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know if this feature is hard to implement …

I just found a feature named “Muting Blocks” in the Renoise Manual 15.5, there it says, that holding down and using mutes multiple tracks in the “Track Scope”.

In my Renoise I cannot use this combination to select multiple tracks in the “Track Scope” … hmmm

Yes I have tested it, and the best way is to
use + to select muliple blocks in pattern sequencer
then use + positioned over one of the selected blocks to mute all selected.

Problem with my workflow @the moment is, that my songs have min. 16 Tracks (samples and midi) with 2-3 alternative sequences
Using this feature would mean I have to duplicate each sequence to mute/unmute blocks in advance and then use loop that sequence next.
If I want to map this to a midi-contoller, this midi-controller has to have min. 64 buttons … oufti

If someone has an alternative to my workflow please post it :)

cool, will test it tomorrow :)
but this seems to be exactly what I need :)

Btw there should be play button over each track. Lot of talkig about new solo mode, but still renoise miss this basic feature ;)

Perhaps we should call the matrix block-mute option, cue on and off in stead.

I think renaming the feature would be a good idea.

And I still think a “cue track for mute” feature would be a rellay good idea.
I tested the script, wich runs good, but it still is not as intuitive to use.
Except that I can’t code lua, the problem with the scripting is, that basically there seems to be no “cue” feature.
Without that one cannot work on “next loop” (which might be the same loop or another loop) …
Even creating “mute groups” would take away the intuitive workflow…

hmmm …

It’s hard to do something like that with the current Lua engine.

If you have a properly working Jit engine, one might be able to build a sequencer that triggers instrument so that you can build fast cues in tracks that you don’t use in your live performance (the output that is, which you cleverly have routed to your headphones i presume), use one-click buttons to instantly copy/paste effect chains from the specific track you target your result for and then start fiddling with stuff.
Ofcourse you can still try to do something in that area with the current Lua engine (reroute the midi input and allow your script to play instruments through OSC), but synchronisation issues would probably suck big donkey rectum.