"Cursor On Effect, Show Effect At The Bottom"

Hi, could you show the effect parameter + effect name at the bottom, when the cursor is on a row which has an effect. By this I mean that when the cursor is where the effect-column is, so that if you have 4 effect-columns, and switch cursor between the effect-columns, you automatically see what the name of the effect is.

I’d really appreciate this because it’d help me get used to what the effects are, and it’d be more immediate than just thwacking in random numbers and then having the bar at the bottom show the effect name.

this request is useful from your personal workflow, and not, for example, from my own. i only try to have one effect-column per effect, but i usually end up mixing them all up.

I was merely trying to make sure that no smart alecs will come up with the perennial response of “yeah, but what if there’s two effect columns! what then!”, so I tried to make sure we can move on from such comments as that, and mention that cursor-on-effect-column would show the effect at the bottom bar :)

yes, but what i mean is when you have an effect column with 09xx and 02xx and 01xx commands in it, what will ‘cursor on effect column’ show exactly? all three?

Jenoki is right. Cursor on effect-column#1 = show effect-column#1 effect. Cursor on effect-column#2? = show effect-column#2. :)

ok. either i don’t understand or you guys don’t. solution: create a mockup.

Load a module
Go to row with effect on it
Put keyboard-cursor, using left-right cursorkeys, to the effect-column, like this:

Notice how now that when you are on Record-mode, and just input 3 to the effect-column, the bottom bar shows which effect it is.

Now imagine, what if, instead of you switching record-mode on, had instead just placed the keyboard-cursor onto the 0300 and it had automatically showed 0300 explanation at the bottom. So instead of you having to re-type the effect-number to the pattern editor, to see which effect it is, you would instead see it by putting teh keyboard-cursor on top of the effect column, and the bottom bar would auto-update to showing the effect-name.

Now let’s try that with two effect-columns:

Now you went to effect-column#2 and input a key, and it shows you which effect it is. Instead of having to enable record mode and risk destroying something in the pattern, just merely navigating with cursor-keys to the row which has 0400, would show you: Hi, I’m effect Number 04xy. Now when you go to effect-column 0300, without editing the 0300, it shows you “Effect Number 03xy” and explanation.

So when the cursor is on the effect-column with an effect, the bottom bar shows the name of the effect and it’s parameters.
When the cursor is on another effect-column with an effect-command, the bottom bar shows that effect and it’s parameters.

(your images only show ‘posted image’ for me, not sure why)

i think i understand the misunderstanding now. when you say ‘effect column’, i think about the entire column. what you mean is when you put the cursor on a particular effect in the effect column, right? so if you have this effect column:




when you stand on ‘0900’ it will explain the 09xx command. when you stand on ‘0210’ it will explain the 02xx command. and so forth.

That is exactly what I mean. The images should be there but scene.org is somehow completely destroyed right now.

yes! i understand now, finally!

well, in that case, even though i would not use it, for new users that might be useful, so +1.

Hi rhowaldt, the images are reinstated now that scene.org is back :)

Seems quite straightforward to me. Would be handy when I go back to older, incomplete songs so it’s easy to see what effect I’m addressing rather than having to relearn where everything is. +1

Definitely +1 :)