"custom value" option for down/upsampling in sample editor

I like to make compositions in the style of various older video games, and when I’m not working with instruments from these games, I like to make my own. To emulate the fidelity common among the samples I sometimes end up downsampling samples to sample rates below 11025hz. Renoise only has preset sample rates you can downsample to, with 11025hz being the lowest. Because of this I usually end up having to do it in Audacity, a drag on my workflow being that it’s a separate program. The whole “adjust sample properties” tab is already great but adding this in would make it undefeated in my eyes. Can’t see why it isn’t a thing to begin with. It exists in Fasttracker 2 (kinda).

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Hi Dsy, welcome in o/

As someone coming from FT2 to Renoise; yea, I recall reaching for that sort of functionality too.

If i can remember correctly; FT2 did weird stuff with Sample Rate, like, it actually slowed (transposed)
the sound of the sample. Here in Renoise there is a dedicated Transpose function which can do that.

It might be helpful to mention; there is a Renoise Device called LoFiMat, super for emulating fidelities.

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Indeed as Jek says, the LofiMat can do low sample- and bit-rates.

Just in case you don’t know this already. If you want to render effects into your samples you can either chuck it on to the effects panel in the sampler. Then destructively apply the effects chain to your sample via the SFX-button on the Waveform panel. Or switch to TFX-mode and apply the track effects permanently to the sample instead.

The little button with the 3 horizontal stripes to the right of the TFX / SFX button allows you to switch between the modes.

Hope that helps!

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Good suggestions and both features that I’m aware of. This will sound weird but It’s strangely not the same. I can’t tell you whatever math and code is behind it but the sound that you get out of using the lofimat (or any bitcrusher) and applying it is not the same as literal resampling and actually changing the properties of a sample to be whatever quality. You can a/b test it on a sample yourself.

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I bet the cdp tool has options for it, but I use the batchprocess tool for these kinds of down and upsampling tasks; New Tool (3.0): dBatchProcess

you can manually input any value and it will convert any or all samples in an instrument, hence the word batch :slight_smile: .

I’ve always wished there were more options too.

Anyway, I took the plunge, and here’s an attempt at a very simple bit crusher. I’m not a DSP person, so this is not sophisticated. It also does not perform sample rate reduction. I hope to learn how to do that in the near future, but for now, this works to reduce bit depth from 14 to 2, by powers of 2. It also performs the bit reduction while maintaining the audio file’s current bit depth. In other words, for example, for a 16bit file, reducing it to 8 bits with this tool will do that, but the file will remain at 16bits.

Drag it into Renoise, right click on a sample in the editor, look for the erroreyes > crush entry, and see if it helps.

com.erroreyes.crush.xrnx (1.5 KB)

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