D Fast - Bring Back The Happy (2010 free album)

Uploaded an old album of mine to Soundcloud after searching for it for quite some time, somehow I’ve never actually released this properly. So, might as well do it now. :slight_smile: Free download of a steady 8 track selection of me paying a homage to the likes of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim etc. 90s big-beat veterans. Gritty and nasty stuff, hope some of you find it likable! All made/finalized with Renoise, some of the songs originally made/started with FT2.


1. Whipz

2. Tracoon

3. Stockmarketin’ Beatz

4. Mr Tamone feat. en5ca

5. Sunshine

6. Electrobonk

7. The Plan 2010 (feat. BotB !)

8. Snatch (an extravagant sample frenzy take on Oasis’ Fuckin’ in the Bushes, can you spot all the samples?)

Approximately 30 mins of hastiness.

listening in complete astonishment

the perfect music!

Wow. This is just great. Thank you for this.

class! :walkman: